1. B

    New kid on the block

    Hi all, I'm new to the 4x4 world. I haven't done any off roading yet but with the whole stuck inside I can't really get out there right now. A little about me. I'm 28, family man, love camping and fishing (not very good at it, haha). I live in Sydney. I work in a boring office job and...
  2. L

    Newbie Looking for advice (accessories + vehicle)

    G'day all First up, complete newbie with minimal 4x4 experience, hoping for that to change in the future! I'm keen to get myself a wagon within the next 9-12 months (gives me some time to put cash together) and would love to get opinions from those who've been around longer than I have. What...
  3. D

    Which 4WD should I get?

    New here and basically joined to get this question answered. I currently have a 2010 Grand Vitara which I've taken to the beach a few times recently and now I'm thinking about getting into some more 4X4ing. Don't think I will be doing extreme stuff(at least not in the short term) but would like...
  4. Epic Drives WA

    My advice for beginners. (Planning your first off road trip.)

    This is aimed at beginners who are just starting out in the world of 4WD. Just some ideas and tips for even the most novice of beginners as well as some of the pre preparation you can do before you even hit the tracks. If you're a newbie I hope this video helps you hit up the tracks!
  5. ajengineer

    First 4WD - What are some good options?

    G'day all, Bit of a newbie question here, and one that I'm sure has been asked to death, but I'm kinda stuck. I've been wanting to get into 4x4ing for a while now and have gotten to the point where I'm actively looking for a vehicle to buy. A bit of a background: I'm a uni student looking for...
  6. S

    Help! Do I purchase a Toyota 40th anniversary 1997 Land Cruiser??

    Since moving to Australia 3 years ago I have been working in rural Australian settings without a car. During my first year in Alice Springs I was lucky enough to make a ton of friends with 4WD's which allowed me to have some awesome outback experiences. Since moving away my ability to work and...
  7. L

    New member looking for some advice.

    Hello 4x4 Earthers! New member here looking for some advice buying my first 4WD. Initially I'm just looking at a touring vehicle for weekend camping trips, but would like to try out some beginner tracks and test the muddy waters of 4WDing to see if I like it. So I'm happy to start out cheaper...
  8. T

    G'DAY Folks!

    Hey guys and girls Just wanted to say hi, I'm new to 4x4 earth. I have no experience of off-roading or 4WD but keen to get into it it seems AMAZING! Currently I own a 2017 X5 for the 9-5 and school run but looking for suggestions/advice for a weekend warrior, something cheap and cheerful to get...
  9. Nhereward

    Newbie help: LandCruiser-Patrol or ???

    Hello all, I am planning on getting my first 4x4. My girlfriend and I are hoping to camp in it long term. We are from the UK but are landing in Perth this November. The main controller of what we get is the budget. We are looking at 10000 AUD to be the top end of our budget for the car. It...
  10. LooneyLou


    Hello! I'm new to the truck camping world (and now new to being a member of forums rather than just lurking them for answers...) My little 81 Toyota Hilux (22R) and I just completed our first cross country road trip and I'm about to head out again at the end of the month! The set up is small...
  11. O

    Looking to upgrade suspension - need help

    Hi there, Im new to 4x4ing, recently went out on a trip with a mate who is also new to this. Im looking to do some upgrades on my Nissan Navara 2010 d22 STR. At the moment, when driving over objects and speed bumps you get a hard thump on the back wheels, the front suspension handles it pretty...
  12. Z

    newbie to the site

    hi everybody, my name is Calvin from Perth WA, long time four wheel driver, I have just sold my 76 series landcruiser to go bigger , i am looking into buying a Izusu NPS dual cab ,so if anybody got any insight , reviews , faults and or hints on their weaknesses and would be a great help also...