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54 - Tips for a 4WD newbie heading out on their first 4x4 trip

Tips for Newbies going offorad

If you are are 4WD newbie heading offroad for your first trip, then you will definely what to listen to our 4x4 newbie podcast.  Definitely have a listen to our… More »


53 - 4WD Access with Wayne Hevey from 4WD Victoria.

4WD Victoria

This is the 2nd in our 2 part interview with Wayne Hevey, the CEO of 4WD Victoria.  We discuss how 4WD Victoria is working for clubs to maintain track access.… More »


52 - Wayne Hevey discusses 4WD Victoria and Track Access

We discuss 4WD track access with Wayne Hevey

Our next guest is Wayne Hevey from 4WD Victoria.  He discusses some of the work that 4WD Victoria has been doing to keep tracks open. This is a continuation of… More »


51 - What we can do to maintain land access with Bill Schulz

4x4 United we stand divided we fall

We we continue our discussion with Bill Schulz from the Bush User Group United about some proposed changes to land in Victoria and why it is important that all of… More »


50 - The Bush User Group United fighting for Land Access for All

Bush User Group United

These are the show notes for the podcast episode.  Listen to the episode on your favourite podcast player on your iPhone or Android.  The 4x4earth Podcast is the largest Australian… More »


49 - 4WD Victoria and VEAC - should we worry about National Parks and Time to Align

Track Access for all

We discuss 4WD Victoria and the VEAC report.  This track is the continuation of our interview with Shane Rose, the new President of 4WD Australia.  This is the second part… More »


48 - Track access and track closures in National Parks with Shane Rose from 4WD Australia

4WD Australia

This track features Shane Rose, the new President of 4WD Australia.  Before joining 4WD Australia, the peak body for 4WD Associations in Australia, Shane has had a lot of experience… More »


47 - 4WD industry news with Robert Pepper

4WD news with Robert Pepper

We discuss the new vehicles and new technologies with Robert Pepper in our latest 4WD industry news wrap up.


46 - The Future of Electric 4WDs

Electric 4WD

We talk about the introduction of electric 4x4s and how soon they will be on the tracks with Robert Pepper. Is Bill Shorten going to take away our weekend?  We… More »


45 - The future of 4 Wheel Driving with John Rooth

4WD podcast

This is the next episode of our chat with John Rooth, Australia's most famous 4 wheel driver. Check out the previous episode where he talks about why he left 4WD… More »