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Bought a 4wd van so I can travel Australia, but after taking it 4wding a bunch I'm starting to get the 4wd bug!
Hie, team... Im from Africa Zimbabwe ... I own a Toyota raider 1kz 4*4.. 1999 model..with manual gearbox recently the gearbox got dead beyond rapair. I managed to buy a replacement..4*4 gearbox manual... But it's similar... It has 4L... N.. And... H...the a 4wd button aside the small stick. Mine was having 4L, 2H, 4H and N.... They is no provision to connect control cables of the new gearbox... How best can l do
Should 285/70r17s fit under a 2005 np pajero with a 2 inch lift
If you are you running a bull bar on the front yes, but if you have the factory bumper you will need to tweak the brackets a little bit so they don't rub. You will need to trim the mud flaps a little bit. Hard lock into a driveway a bit quicker than you normally would and the tyres will polish the bit that needs to be trimmed off. Just trim that bit off and you should be right.