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Hi Craig. Did you find a solution to your Colorado problem? I have the exactly the same problem with my Colorado
Hey John. Just wondering if you got a chance to do your 3 week Cape York trip? I know its an old thread but I am thinking about a similar trip due to time constraints.


I am looking at doing it in end of June / July this year. I will travel from West towards East. I keep getting mixed messages about the road conditions. I am used to travel on dirt roads it is the corrugations that give me some concern. Most report seem to state that the road in the WA side is well maintained.
John U
John U
Sorry mate, Didn't see this until today.

I haven't done it yet. Things are currently on hold due to financial situation. I think I'm likely to be time constrained forever for this trip. I reckon my alternative will be to drive up by myself, pick up my fellow travellers up in Cairns, and then spend 2 -3 weeks doing the trip from there. So it'd be 4 or 5 weeks for me.