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G'day mate..., I've been looking into buying a camper trailer for awhile.., just noticed your 3 year old post that you had narrowed down to 3 makes and were checking at Mandurah event. I think you ended up purchasing one.
Is it possible you could share the name of those 3 CT's and what you finally purchased and why ?
I'd be interested in hearing of your experiences if it's possible ?
Rolled into Newman @ 16:30 hrs today good run from Dalwallinu with a strong tail wind.
Safe travels : Joe
very good. I hear you got some rain today
Joe Fury
Joe Fury
Negative on the rainfall account, last rain we 'had' was back in Dalwallinu, no actual rainfall from there on all the way to Newman.
There was though 18 millimetres in the home rain gauge ~ but that rain was from the period when we were in Perth.