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G'DAY Folks!

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Teflon_jock, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Teflon_jock

    Teflon_jock New Member

    Hey guys and girls
    Just wanted to say hi, I'm new to 4x4 earth. I have no experience of off-roading or 4WD but keen to get into it it seems AMAZING! Currently I own a 2017 X5 for the 9-5 and school run but looking for suggestions/advice for a weekend warrior, something cheap and cheerful to get started. Looking forward to chatting with you all and learning heaps!
  2. Tink

    Tink Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Earth
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  3. 2002GU3

    2002GU3 Well-Known Member

    G'day mate, welcome to earth............there are lots of options, just depends on what you call cheap and whether you want petrol or diesel - long or short wheelbase, wagon or ute or dual cab, I guess it depends on what type of off roading you want to do - (general exploring/camping - touring - hard core tracks) how many people/kids etc. The main choices would be - Nissan - Patrol or Navara,,,,Toyota - Landcruiser or Hi-lux....... Keep an eye on the trip section, lots of people will be happy for you to tag along and teach you about 4x4ing.
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  4. Aaron Schubert

    Aaron Schubert Moderator

    Welcome to the forum mate

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  5. Teflon_jock

    Teflon_jock New Member

    Thank you Think!
  6. Teflon_jock

    Teflon_jock New Member

    Thank you Aaron
  7. Teflon_jock

    Teflon_jock New Member

    Thanks for all the info dude I'm thinking Diesel, undecided on the body type, leaning towards a Patrol or LandCruiser something like the 80 Series 4.2 Turbo, $5-$6K for the car, am I dreaming with the price? That's awesome on the trips advice thank you so much!
  8. Ditch

    Ditch Active Member

    Welcome to the forum.
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  9. 2002GU3

    2002GU3 Well-Known Member

    You may be lucky, there was one for sale near here recently ( 80 series 4.2 diesel) was a pretty tidy unit, he wanted $6,800 ono, the downside was it had over 600,000 K's on it....maybe for $5-6k in a diesel you might want to look for a GQ patrol or maybe a 60 series landcruiser, both are good off road and old school reliability, if your open to 4 cyl diesels there would be a whole lot more options - (have a look on Gumtree just to get a few ideas on what's available)......"dude" AKA Jim.:D
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  10. Teflon_jock

    Teflon_jock New Member

    Hahahah thank you Jim! Awesome advice, let me have a look and educate myself a little more!
  11. Teflon_jock

    Teflon_jock New Member

    Thank you Ditch!

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