New member looking for some advice.


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Hello 4x4 Earthers!
New member here looking for some advice buying my first 4WD.
Initially I'm just looking at a touring vehicle for weekend camping trips, but would like to try out some beginner tracks and test the muddy waters of 4WDing to see if I like it. So I'm happy to start out cheaper and bare bones and build up a vehicle over time. Or just sell and move on.
My budget is $15k - $20k, which kind of limits my access to Cruisers and Patrols in good condition / low kms (at least in Victoria anyway).....
Considering I'm more interested in touring to begin with, is a Hilux or a 2.8/3.0TD (not the early '00s) Patrol even worth considering as a more reasonable option for fuel economy? And as a beginner, if my off road ambitions aren't too serious, would the potential lack of power with these smaller engines be an issue?
Also wondering what to look for when checking out and test driving a used 4WD, and if there is anywhere anyone would suggest to do a vehicle inspection in Victoria before buying, or if this is even worth doing? Or can I check most key things myself anyway?
I have a resonable mechanical ability and knowledge when it comes to cars.
Apologies for the essay, just trying to provide as much info as possible!


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G`day Lee & welcome to the forum.
My 2005 GUIV 3.0 L has more than enough grunt for what I use it for & is reasonable on fuel considering the weight of the Rooftopper & Fridge that I carry all the time(plus all the other "junk"). If looking at a Patrol, check the upper rear spring mounts for cracks(caused by overloading) & intercooler leaks(oil around intercooler) on the 3.0 L.


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Welcome to the forum, around the 20 k mark I would be looking at a V8 Discovery 3 as long as its not a daily drive around the city. Best bang for you buck and a very reliable , comfortable and capable 4wd and you will never be wanting more power like you would with any of the other cars you mentioned.
Was chatting to a fellow 4wder a while back with a 3l patrol and he said it was good with the power but later told me that going up a hill with 1.8 tone on the back he was down to 70 in a 100 zone. IMO that's not good power...


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G'day Lee, welcome to earth mate, I have a 3.0 patrol and it has plenty of power, I've towed my camper over the blue mountains with no worries, been up and down the hills in the high country with no problems, there are also a lot of guys that I've driven with that have hi-lux's, navara's and prado's and have also had no problems getting where they want to go. Don't let the size of the motor worry you unless you want to tow 3 ton all day everyday, I think you should work out what you want or need ( wagon - ute - dual cab ) then go from there, there are a lot of options in your price range, Prado, patrol, pajero, hi-lux, navara etc. all are 4cyl (diesels) and all are quite capable off road and all cars regardless of make have there good and bad points, you could always pick up a 4.2 for your price range if your worried about power, it might also pay to check out a few petrol 4x4's they've come a long way over the years.....good luck with your choice


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Thanks for the welcome, and thanks for the advice!
I decided to just get out there and start test driving everything I can that looks like a good deal within my price range, probably the best way to help me narrow down what I want it for and how I think it will perform doing that!
Cheers again guys, hopefully I find something suitable soon and can get tout there!