1. CourtneySidwell

    Urgent Help Needed! Bogged Commodore VY Sedan at Panmure Camping Grounds i can pay $50.

    I'm in desperate need of My beloved Commodore VY Sedan is completely bogged, and I'm stuck just 1 meter away from the gravel road. I'm hoping someone with a winch can come to my rescue and help me out of this muddy predicament. I'm currently located at the Panmure Camping Grounds, and my exact...
  2. Harison135

    What Are Some Vehicle Vulnerabilities During 4X4?

    What are the vulnerabilities to your vehicle during a 4x4? from simple and cheap to complex and expensive I've heard alternators can die, and if the car stops moving in water the water can break your fan. whats common? whats not?
  3. C

    First 4x4 assistance

    Hi Everyone, I am a new member of the forum and I want to buy a 4x4. I have a budget of $17K and want to use it to take my partner and my dog Camping. I want to put a pop up tent at the top. This car will be my daily drive. It would roughly be taken camping once a week, the rest would be short...
  4. Rackers03

    VE Commodore seats into RG Coloraod

    So I've had my ute for 6 months now, 2014 Holden Colorado LTZ Storm, and I've found the seats aren't the comfiest thing for long drives. So I was wondering if anyone has any experience with putting VE commodore leather seats in a RG collie? Or has anyone even done this before. Cheers, Hugh
  5. T


    Hi gang, Looking for any really good resources on 4WD in general - very new to it myself, though I have been on several trips through the African bushveld with my dad way back when. Ultimately wanting to see the parts of Aus that are harder to get to (read: where there are fewer people there to...
  6. Rackers03

    Staino vs Safari Snorkels

    Debating about which snorkel to go for. Putting this out to the 4wd community. Heres what I've got so far but I'm still torn (and not 100% percent sure): STAINO: pros: better/more airflow, sleek look. Cons: Cost SAFARI: pros: cheaper. cons: less airflow than the staino (i think) Mainly just...
  7. Rackers03

    Ln65 Hilux seat replacements

    G'day all, So I've got my 1985 single cab lux, and the bench seat is fairly rooted in it (that's what happens after 400,000k's) and I'm looking for replacements. It seems that the bench seat in the blue trim was fairly rare and I can't find anything. However have seen a lot of seats from 2nd...
  8. Rackers03

    RG Colorado running warm?

    G'day all, So I've had my 2014 Collie for a month and a half now, haven't done any towing or offroading yet, but I've noticed that the engine bay is radiating a fair bit of heat after it's been running for a while. Even though the temp gauge has even climbed over half-way and usually sits at a...
  9. Rackers03

    Fitting rims onto different wheels

    G'day everyone, I'm probably going to sound like an idiot for asking this but I thought I might as well before i stuff up and blow my money. I'm looking to upgrade my tires, but what to keep the factory Holden rims that come on the Colorado's (2014 LTZ Storm). Now the factory tyre is a 255x65...
  10. T

    HELP Me! any help is appreciated

    Hey everyone, I'm about to turn 17 in September and I am looking into a car, I have been looking at a ford courier (1996) and a holden rodeo (1992).I want a similar car to these two, want a car thats good on fuel, reliable, easy to fix and has plenty of space. i ride motorbikes too so a ute or...
  11. Rackers03

    Ozroo Tub Rack tall enough for awning?

    G'day everyone, Finally got a set of wheels in a 2014 Colroado LTZ storm and am tossing up ideas for a camping set up. A canopy would be good but they cost a shit ton new and I've seen that Ozroo tub racks are sometimes less than half the price. I'm 185cm and the ute is only 178cm tall (stock...
  12. Rackers03

    Using UHF antenna for AM/FM radio?

    G'day all, I've got an old shitbox lux for the farm ('85 Ln65 4x4 bought for $500) and the factory radio antenna has not been there for a long time now. And I was wondering if it is possible to use a UHF antenna as my AM/FM radio antenna, and if it is possible to have it mounted on the bullbar...
  13. S

    First Car Help :)

    So, I know I'm going to get flamed for starting a new thread on this very common topic but I can't seem to find the exact and specific info I need. I'm looking to buy my first 4WD, leaning towards a GU patrol, and needed a little help regarding which model and what to look out for. I'm 22 and...
  14. TassieTourer

    Best Budget 4x4

    G'day all, I'm starting to accumulate a bit of money and was considering upgrading from my 2003 Mitsubishi Trtiton MK 2.8L Turbo Diesel. My budget is under $10,000 for sure, but i was wondering what vehicles i could purchase fairly cheap and modify (Over in Tasmania, there are stuff all parts...
  15. Rackers03

    auto box in a petrol 80 series?

    Just wondering what people's opinions are, I would like a cruiser as a first rig, preferably turbo diesel and manual, but with my budget (under $10k in South Australia), I can't seem to find any. Do see quite a few petty ones, but not many are manuals, mostly autos. Just wondering what peoples...
  16. Jesse26

    Help With A Life Changing Decision

    G’day all i need some help deciding weather to keep my 2011 Ford Ranger or sell it and get something else. I want a 4WD that is going to last me the next ten years. I recently bought a 2011 XL PX Ford Ranger with just under 200 000 km on it. It’s had some issues since i first bought it such as...
  17. Rackers03

    2nd gen 4runner and ln106 parts interchangeable?

    Hi all, I'm getting a 2nd gen 4Runner off a mate for a first rig, and am searching around for add-ons to put on it so I can take it offroad. Struggling to find things like bullbars and snorkels specifically for the 2nd gen 4Runner is Australia so I was wondering if add-ons for the Ln106 Hilux...
  18. R

    Help me choose between the two winches

    I’ve narrowed my new winch search down to 2, just can’t decide, price identical, specs good on both, warranty identical and great. Anyone have experience with both or either and push me in right direction 1. t-max x-power 12500lb 2. Runva 13XP
  19. D

    Help please bumper/bullbar

    I’m currently looking to replace these pieces as the clips have broken, but cannot for the life of me find anywhere that stocks them (probably not looking under the right name) Any help would be greatly appreciated. For a 2006 hilux dual cab
  20. T

    Domin8r extreme winch help

    I recently bought the domin8r extreme winch and installed it on the ranger over the weekend. After mounting the winch and wiring it up I can spool the winch out fine, but when I go to spool in I just get an audible click from the control box but no action from the winch. If anyone might know...