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So, I know I'm going to get flamed for starting a new thread on this very common topic but I can't seem to find the exact and specific info I need.

I'm looking to buy my first 4WD, leaning towards a GU patrol, and needed a little help regarding which model and what to look out for.
I'm 22 and just hoping to do a few getaways with mates and my girlfriend, potentially through the bush and across some beaches, maybe convert it into a little weapon of a camper/touring rig and just learn a few things about 4WD and cars. I'm not too fussed on mods or serious offroading but would like a car that gives me the opportunity for that later down the track if I feel like it. I'm well prepared to be putting up with anything wrong with the car, bar an expensive repair list. ( I know there will be inevitably a lot of repairs with any old 4x4 though)

I was shopping around the 3.0L turbo diesels but have read a lot about them being grenades. Was wondering if this is the case for the 6cyl as well? Would prefer a turbo-diesel though over petty. But let me know your opinions on the petty models as well, please.

Specifically, I've been looking at a manual 2006 ST-S GU IV, 4cyl 3.0L turbo diesel, with 250xxxkms and a few extras (bull bar, snorkel, rooftray, lift).

Basically, I wanted to know which model would be the best and last me the longest with a budget of around 20k (preferably under and as cheap as possible considering my needs) but willing to go up top 25k if really necessary. Also, what are the main things I should be looking out for when shopping around, both qualities of a lemon and things the car should have? How many km is too many km if that's a thing?

Very open to criticism and If my needs aren't achievable just let me know and I'll try and rip my VW golf around the beach instead. Please post anything helpful.

Cheers guys.

TL; DR, Need a patrol that won't explode, won't rack up too much of a repair bill, as safe as possible, best for touring and will last me a fair bit for around $20k. Which Model is best?
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It's old, they're all going to need lots more spent than you think just getting them safe and reliable. Zd30 do melt, early ones more so, later ones seem to have it under control. Google fixes, there are some things you can do to help reduce the chances.

If you can afford a 4.2 turbo diesel you can afford a heap of other newer, better kept cars with more power, better economy and higher levels of safety.

The 4.8 petrol seems reasonably reliable, you don't here much about them although I haven't really looked for years so that may have changed, they are powerful but extremely thirsty.


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Oh, thanks for your post. I was just about to fix up my dad's old car to go on a road trip with friends, but I didn't know what to do. That helped me out a little bit, so thanks, bro. Since my dad is working a lot right now, he doesn't have time to help me with this, and it's costly to take the car to the salon. And my friends and I wanted to see old model cars at the greatbritishcarjourney.com museum. My friend's father collects such models, and we decided to give him a gift to see all this beauty. Have you ever heard of such museums?
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