1. 868_Hilux

    Suspension Issues-Can’t figure it out

    2005 Toyota Hilux LN166, Torsion Bar Front, Leaf Rear. Goodday all, I’m getting an issue in my front suspension, whenever I hit a rough patch of road or drive on gravel, I can hear and feel something in the front suspension shaking, I’ve replaced the sway bar ends, and rubbers, as well as...
  2. 868_Hilux

    Are Aftermarket Torsion Bars Worth it?

    I have a 2005 Toyota Hilux LN166, I was checking out some aftermarket torsions, anyone have them installed in their rigs? I have a winch and a bull bar in front I just thought that it’ll prevent the front from sagging and I might be able to get more lift with less crank. Who has experience with...
  3. C

    2003 Toyota Hilux Dual Cab - 33 inch tyres possible?

    Hi all, I have recently bought a 2003 Toyota Hilux 3.4L V6 VZN167R and it currently has 31x10.5r15 all-terrain tyres on it, however, I am looking to buy 33 inch tyres. I am not sure if the vehicle is lifted at all and I am wanting to know if a 2inch suspension lift will be enough to fit 33s and...
  4. SuperSafari


    To all of you that zoom past speedbumps, at what speed do you usually take them? Have you incurred noticeable damage? Obv there will be accelerated wear on the suspension components, but what speed would you advise going over humps? Cheers.
  5. MaccaTac26

    GVM upgrade Toyota Hilux dualcab 2015 n70

    Aye Been considering a Ironman4x4 GVM upgrade for the n70. I will also need Adjustable UCAs, I was looking at Tough Dog ($500-$650) or Roadsafe's Blackhawks UCA ($800-900). Is it worth spending a bit more for the Blackhawks? Seems like I could save some money but don't want to lose quality...
  6. SuperSafari

    Hit a curb

    Hi all, I believe its part of owning a car, but I just hit my first curb/sidewalk going at 40km/h (completely my fault, wasn't paying attention). It wasn't head on collision per se, but kind of like a scrape on both tires of the same side, resulting in a small jerk in the cabin. The car is...
  7. SuperSafari

    Suspension feels off

    I have a 2021 Y61 Super Safari, and ever since it rolled out the dealership, the front left suspension just doesn't feel right. Everytime I hit a speedbump or small curb sideways or at an angle, I "feel" a ticking vibration through my steering wheel, and the steering wheel also feels loose for...
  8. O

    Navara d22 sagging fix?

    Hi, Just a query, I had a 2” tough dog suspension lift kit installed by opposite lock for my navara d22 a few months ago, the front has sagged a bit. wondering if anything can be done to level it up more with the back? Had new shocks and heavy duty torsion bars done at the front, and new set...
  9. j.goulds

    DMAX suspension lift kit

    Hey all hoping for some help finding the right suspension lift kit. wanting to finally lift my 2014 LSU Isuzu DMax with a 2” lift after fitting new tyres to it ( BFG all terrain 265/70/17) Hoping for some advice on possibly the best options for suspension upgrade out there and whether you’ve...
  10. J

    Chasing a broken winch? Sydney area

    Anyone happen to have a busted ass old winch they don’t want anymore in the Sydney area? I’ve got a 2 inch lift kit installed recently which is setup to have a winch on the front. Unfortunately will probably be another 6 months until I can afford to buy a winch. Doesn’t need to work of course...
  11. Chipper8

    Colorado suspension

    I have a 2019 Colorado with standard suspension, a steel bar on the front and canopy on the back. My question is: is the standard suspension more than enough for this? I also have my dual battery setup and fridge in the canopy full time. I tow a tradesman trailer everyday and do moderate...
  12. I

    2011 VW Amarok

    I have recently purchased a 2011 Amarok with canopy front bullbar and heavy duty leaf springs. I noticed when taking off from a stand still if I release the clutch to quickly there is a clunk from the leaf spring movement as I think there is not enough load in tub. I have researched and...
  13. S

    Lift kit Mazda BT50 2016

    Hey guys, after some advice on lift kits for my 2016 BT50. currently have a Fiberglas canopy on the back with a set of drawers in the tub and dual battery, and will sometimes have a 75L fridge in the back, have a camper trailer that we occasionally take away, and will eventually put a bull bar...
  14. Mitch12345

    MQ Triton - bumpy ride on road - ARB 2” lift

    Hi there, My MQ was bumpy before I got a lift kit put in by ARB. So I thought I’d spend the $2200 and put in a EK4604B1 old man emu set from ARB. I have a steel bull bar and 31” A/T tyres on my car. I was told by ARB it will be a more comfortable ride on the road, it’s exactly the same (bumpy)...
  15. Lewy_88

    Installing Dobinsons 50mm lift springs & struts on Holden Colorado 7

    Dad and I installed Dobinsons Adjustable Monotube 50mm lift kit in my Colorado 7. I struggled to find any suspension 'how to' videos on Colorados so I thought i'd make one myself. The most helpful part for mine is the part where it shows how to get the strut out from inside the upper and lower arms.
  16. Lewy_88

    Dobinsons Adjustable Monotube 50mm lift kit installation on Colorado 7

    I made a quick and simple video of our DIY installation on my Colorado 7. Overall lift was about 35mm in the front and 45mm in the rear. I plan to adjust the front up 10mm to get it sitting even.
  17. HiluxingAlong

    Suspension Lift on a Budget - IFS 1999 Hilux

    Help me Wondering how do you Lift a single cab LN167 Hilux in a tight budget... I can't afford the $1.5-2k proper lift, only looking at 2" so obviously a spacers kit looks attractive... Google has a serious amount of mixed reviews on this so wondering if I can get some first hand advice
  18. O

    Looking to upgrade suspension - need help

    Hi there, Im new to 4x4ing, recently went out on a trip with a mate who is also new to this. Im looking to do some upgrades on my Nissan Navara 2010 d22 STR. At the moment, when driving over objects and speed bumps you get a hard thump on the back wheels, the front suspension handles it pretty...