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Hey guys,
after some advice on lift kits for my 2016 BT50. currently have a Fiberglas canopy on the back with a set of drawers in the tub and dual battery, and will sometimes have a 75L fridge in the back, have a camper trailer that we occasionally take away, and will eventually put a bull bar and winch on the front. without all that weight in the car i'd still like it to ride comfortably on the road. I drive on the road 90% of the time, and want a lift for the occasional 4x4, river crossings, looks etc.
Looking towards a 2'' dobinsons or tough dog, based on reviews. value for money is a big thing in looking for my lift and comfortability whilst driving on the road.
Open to suggestions!


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I had no intention of getting a lift, but needed to beef up the rear springs as they were sagging and was fed up with the soft front.
2013 with the same gear as you.
Seems to be lots of talk about brand names.
I have a great deal of faith in our local suspension place (SA Suspensions) so just took it to them.
They put in heavier duty 4x4 shockers front and back, reset the springs and put an extra leaf in.
This has firmed up the front for me, given the same ride unladen, but loadd up, the extra leaf comes into play and now still gices a good ride.
Total cost was $2000, and it has given a lift of 50 mm , and does not drop with 160 kg on the ball.


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I put in Tough Dog 2" comfort springs in the back of mine and it does the job. For a canopy and stuff, then some built for a constant load would be the go.
I still have the stock shocks and they do the job.

Don't upgrade the front until you put the bar on. If you put on springs rated to the extra load, then the ride will be horrible until you get it done. If you just go taller springs now, then you will have to re-do it when the bar goes on.

Aaron Schubert

Good suspension choice always comes down to matching the spring rate with the load you are carrying. A good suspension mob will listen to what you carry and either weigh, or make a very educated guess as to the weight. If you go too soft it will sag, and too hard it will weigh like a brick.

Beyond that stick with the well known brands, and pick a budget that suits. There are lots of different levels of quality and it sounds like you don't need anything extreme, so lots of options



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Do a bit a searching as this question has been answered a few times on here.
I run Bilstein front and rear, can be had for under $1200 with front springs if you shop around.
Factory rear springs with the bottom 2 leafs flipped upside down.

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I have a bull bar and winch on my BT50 and it had dropped by about 10mm in the front and gave a crashy ride as a result. Went to my local blacksmith who has been doing springs on my semi trailers for years and he recommended a set of King heavy duty springs for fitment for when a bull bar and winch are fitted. Raised the front by 50mm which gave a lift of 40mm when compared to the original springs. Shock absorbers are standard as the ute was almost new, so far no complaints. Can't remember the cost except front and back was around $1000. Rear springs gave up the ghost when I carted over 900 kgs from Brisbane to Newcastle so back to the blacksmith and had the leaves reset and an extra leaf added and the main load leaf re-shaped so it took the load earlier. Rear suspension cost me $40 drive in, drive out. No issues since.