Just a query, I had a 2” tough dog suspension lift kit installed by opposite lock for my navara d22 a few months ago, the front has sagged a bit. wondering if anything can be done to level it up more with the back?

Had new shocks and heavy duty torsion bars done at the front, and new set of leafs in the back.

The back is 94.5cm high and the front is 89cm. Can anything be done to close this gap at all? Maybe wind up torsion bars? Or is that not recommended.



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add any weight to the front since the lift mate ?


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You have the option of "winding up" the front torsion bars, or in the best world (depending how much they were adjusted when installed, so you don't max out the adjusters) you would re-index/respline the torsion bars in their adjusters to give yourself a bit more adjustment.
If you are mechanically minded, both could be done at home, but you will need a wheel alignment after adjusting the ride height, so I've always just gotten my alignment shop to adjust the torsion bars + align for me.
You need to take into account leaving appropriate room for the front bump stops, seeing if your upper control arms contact your new shocks (Can happen with the big bore shocks, either grind out the lip on the UCA or purchase aftermarket control arms which also allow more down travel and better alignments), as we as ensuring your CV's aren't at a silly angle.

A Minimum 10-15mm gap between your UCA and bump stop is optimal.

The procedure is detailed in the Nissan Factory Service Manual ( have a google to acquire a copy ), and a few guides are on the navara forum (Previously navara.asia)

The question is also asked, what rate / load leafs do you have in the back? If they are a heavy duty/constant load pair, your rear will always sit higher unloaded! And as with most load carrying utes, you will always have an element of "Rake", with the rear higher than the front, allowing for maintenance of ride quality while loaded and handling characteristics.
Or there is the style of "Cali Lean", where the front is jacked up much higher than the rear, an American phenomenon based off race trophy trucks, allowing for jumps to be taken at speed.
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If you had the suspension fitted then they should have given you paper work with the pre-lift and post lift measurements that will give you something to relate back to so you can see how high the vehicle was raised. The rear may be slightly higher but within 5- 10mm for example this is not an exact amount every vehicle is different, then it should settle down a bit over time it will take a lot longer if empty. Also they would usually ask you to come back in after a predetermined amount of kilometers 500km for example which is what my Tough Dog warranty paper work stated as they need to remeasure the vehicle check bolts etc that is part of the warranty terms. While there they can make adjustments if needed you shouldn't have to touch it if the dealer knows their stuff and they fitted the correct springs in the first place.