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Anyone happen to have a busted ass old winch they don’t want anymore in the Sydney area? I’ve got a 2 inch lift kit installed recently which is setup to have a winch on the front. Unfortunately will probably be another 6 months until I can afford to buy a winch. Doesn’t need to work of course just want that 25-30kg out on the front end to soften the ride up otherwise it’s gonna be a bumpy 6 months.

Or has anyone got any other suggestions for a cheap option to get weight out on the front until I can cough up the dough for the real thing?I’m running a TJM outback bullbar on a 2014 Ford Ranger XLT if that helps.


Rusty Panels

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I've got half a dozen bags of cement that have gone off! You're welcome to grab as many of them as you need!


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I'd suggest a wanted post on FB market place. See plenty on there but there all around $200 and the price just goes up from there.