1. E

    4x4 and camping for beginners

    Hi Team, I am a beginner to 4x4 and excited to go on the first adventure. I have a 2022 LDV T60 luxe that is stock standard. Can anyone recommend beginner tracks to go to and if possible, perhaps camp there as well. I intend to go with a family member(s) who owns a stock 2023 Nissan Patrol...
  2. rudolfweyers84

    Mahindra Pikup S10 Karoo DC

    We had our Pikup for more than 2 years now, and enjoy every moment of it. We have done a couple of trip, and put the vehicle through its paces, and it performed really well Currently we are planning for a 22 day tour of of the north western parts of South Africa, where we will be doing mostly...
  3. K

    Canopy fit out ideas

    Looking for suggestions to fit out my canopy to head back up to the stations, I’ll be removing the masa drop down fridge slide and replacing with fridge/freezer draws 695mm (L) x 440mm (W) x 260mm (H), but looking for ideas around pull out pantry and drawers that will fit as it’s quite narrow...
  4. S

    Your opinion on best 4x4 for long-term camping

    Alright, I'll make this as brief as I can. I want as many people as possible to sell me their favourite 4x4, or what they personally would choose for the following circumstances. Please feel free to elaborate on what mods you'd make to your vehicle of choice, assuming you have between $90-130k...
  5. A

    camping location advise sa

    Hi all, New member here, i am trying to plan a camping trip for myself and about 6 others somewhere along the murray. We will be in swags and 1 or 2 tents so no caravan but am wanting a fire sort of setup where we can have a firepit , talk crap listen to some music drinks food and carryon good...
  6. Epic Drives WA

    Wheeling, camping, fishing and everything in between!

    Since my last podcast we’ve had the annual 4WD and camping show here in Perth. I also managed to get away with a few crew down south for a long weekend of wheeling, camping, fishing, and everything in between! I’ve also been up north to Kalbarri with my family over Christmas. All that in more in...
  7. Epic Drives WA

    Is Kalbarri worth visiting?..........YES!

    Kalbarri, Western Australia's resort town at the mouth of the Murchison River and home to iconic locations and rugged scenery. With Christmas fast approaching and with the majority of travellers heading down south for the holidays we snuck out for a sneaky four day road trip north. First up...
  8. Ports_Ruggedx

    Custom aluminium tray and canopies

    Hi guys I’m looking at investing in a custom alloy tray and canopy, it’s a bloody steep price tag so I wanna get the right one. I’m looking at either mits alloy or nor weld. Thoughts on these companies or any other suggestions and why. Cheers.
  9. Epic Drives WA

    Holland Track 4x4 2020

    It's been 3 years since I first experienced the Holland Track. Accompanied by Matty and Will we drove the track in the reverse order, starting in Coolgardie and ending in Hyden, four days later. WA has some of the countries most iconic 4WD tracks and the Holland Track is definitely one of them...
  10. Epic Drives WA

    My Lifedoo fire pit cooking setup

    It was during the fire restrictions of last year that I received a surprise package at my door, a fire pit by a company called Lifedoo. The fire reactions ended and Covid hit! I’ve been waiting to give this handy bit of kit a go. Finally I’ve managed to give this awesome portable fire pit a red...
  11. Epic Drives WA

    Solo 4WD Camping in the Goldfields.

    Spring has definitely sprung! Not to mention the wild flowers that bloom this time of year all over Western Australia. I visited the Goldfields, 400kms East of Perth. Starting in Yellowdine and camping in the abandoned mining town of Mount Palmer I headed west visiting Frog Rock, Jilbadgie...
  12. Cruisn

    The Murchison-Western Australia

    One for the bucket list (if you are outside WA at the moment) . The Murchison is renowned for Gold Mines but there is plenty to see in this rugged area of WA. Whilst the coastline is packed with WA tourists - there's vast empty areas that will satisfy campers and 4wd drivers! Hope see you out...
  13. Epic Drives WA

    ROTHSAY, off-roading in WA’s EPIC Mid West Region.

    It feels like it’s been forever since my last proper 4 wheeling adventure! With Covid restrictions lifted in W.A. we took the opportunity to escape the city and #wanderoutyonder on a 4x4 camping trip to the midwest region of Western Australia. Check out the full video here. Beginning our...
  14. T

    How would you deal with the water problem?

    Whenever we go camping, one thing I'm never satisfied with is water. I'm very sensitive to its taste and smell if it's not of OK quality, and I'm fed up of having tummy problems when we have a relaxing weekend camping just because the water had who knows what in it. But this is camping, it's not...
  15. Epic Drives WA

    Coronavirus = Extended camping trip!

    Although pretty much every other disease/illness kills more people every day than the Coronavirus. I'm thinking of using it as the perfect excuse to take my family on an extended camping trip! (Safety first is what i'll tell my wife.) Where would be your ideal camping spot during the...
  16. D

    Oztent RV5 Bedding

    Hi everyone, I am interested in getting an Oztent RV5 for the family. 2 adults, 2yo and 3yo. Looking to be able to grow into it for a while before adding a tagalong for the kids when they are older. Keen to get some ideas on bedding setups that people use in similar circumstances. I was...
  17. Epic Drives WA

    Outback camping at Ninghan Station.

    If your looking for a unique 4WD experience in WA, put Ninghan Station on your list of adventures. This place truly is where the outback begins, rugged hills with wide open landscapes that provide the ultimate 4x4 adventure playground! I've been up this way before and this trip involved...
  18. C

    Camp Spots around the Gascoyne/Kennedy Ranges/Paraburdoo Area

    Hey all, I'm looking at spending a couple of weeks exploring around the Gascoyne, Kennedy Ranges, Mount Augustus and Paraburdoo area before arriving in Gnaraloo for Easter 2020. Will be spending a few nights at Mount Augustus and going up, over and around the Kennedy Ranges, but looking for any...
  19. J

    VIC bush camping - light 4wd

    Hi All, I normally bush camp in the Vic high country early Jan with a large group of family and friends (3 vehicles, 10 people adults and kids). Given the bush fires already burning this year we are looking for a new destination that is somewhat secluded, off the beaten track (light 4wd only)...
  20. jaiman

    Camping in Robe & Beachport

    Hey Guys planning on heading to Beachport and Robe for a couple days 27-30th of December. Just trying to work out where to camp. Are you allowed to camp in the dunes or on the beach in any spots? Or do you need to book a spot somewhere? Any help is appreciated