1. Epic Drives WA

    Coronavirus = Extended camping trip!

    Although pretty much every other disease/illness kills more people every day than the Coronavirus. I'm thinking of using it as the perfect excuse to take my family on an extended camping trip! (Safety first is what i'll tell my wife.) Where would be your ideal camping spot during the...
  2. D

    Oztent RV5 Bedding

    Hi everyone, I am interested in getting an Oztent RV5 for the family. 2 adults, 2yo and 3yo. Looking to be able to grow into it for a while before adding a tagalong for the kids when they are older. Keen to get some ideas on bedding setups that people use in similar circumstances. I was...
  3. Epic Drives WA

    Outback camping at Ninghan Station.

    If your looking for a unique 4WD experience in WA, put Ninghan Station on your list of adventures. This place truly is where the outback begins, rugged hills with wide open landscapes that provide the ultimate 4x4 adventure playground! I've been up this way before and this trip involved...
  4. C

    Camp Spots around the Gascoyne/Kennedy Ranges/Paraburdoo Area

    Hey all, I'm looking at spending a couple of weeks exploring around the Gascoyne, Kennedy Ranges, Mount Augustus and Paraburdoo area before arriving in Gnaraloo for Easter 2020. Will be spending a few nights at Mount Augustus and going up, over and around the Kennedy Ranges, but looking for any...
  5. J

    VIC bush camping - light 4wd

    Hi All, I normally bush camp in the Vic high country early Jan with a large group of family and friends (3 vehicles, 10 people adults and kids). Given the bush fires already burning this year we are looking for a new destination that is somewhat secluded, off the beaten track (light 4wd only)...
  6. jaiman

    Camping in Robe & Beachport

    Hey Guys planning on heading to Beachport and Robe for a couple days 27-30th of December. Just trying to work out where to camp. Are you allowed to camp in the dunes or on the beach in any spots? Or do you need to book a spot somewhere? Any help is appreciated
  7. Epic Drives WA

    4 Wheeling with Wild Touring (part 2) The man, the myth, the legend!

    I was lucky enough to hook up with Cam Wild from Wild Touring to collaborate on a podcast style interview and chat all things 4WD, camping, gear and adventure!
  8. Epic Drives WA

    Movember 4WD Camping Adventure & 1000 subs!!!!! Thank you

    This is my 55th video! If you haven't watched any of my other videos check them out, oh it's #Movember and to help celebrate this amazing organisation I'm hosting a charity 4WD/Camping trip. Following a 140 kilometre water course from Tenterden down to Owingup Swamp before ending up at the...
  9. Epic Drives WA

    The (Perth) Australian 4WD & Adventure Show, Who's Going?

    Are you ready for the 2019 Perth 4WD & Adventure Show? It's everything you need to get outdoors on your next adventure with 4WDs and accessories, caravans, and camper trailers plus camping and fishing gear all in one huge event. I'm going to be there for all 3 days so hopefully i'll see you...
  10. Epic Drives WA

    #MOVEMBER: Kent River Charity 4X4

    Have fun doing good! I'm hosting a charity 4WD/Camping trip Following a 140 kilometre water course from Tenterden down to Owingup Swamp before ending up at the ocean at Irwin Inlet. This road trip is roughly 1000kms from Perth to Perth and highlights include: The town of Tenterden. Multiple...
  11. Lewy_88

    Deua NP to Wadbilliga

    This is the 3rd and final part of our trip. We finally found somewhere to camp since we ran WAY behind schedule. Cooked a Mars Bar Damper in the camp oven for dessert. Sunday was a really nice day and made for some very scenic footage. Unfortunately we found out that the best trail of the day...
  12. Robbie_P

    Sleeping in a 2007 Nissan Patrol?

    Hi All, I'm not sure if this was the correct place to post this question.. I am going for a quick one night camp this weekend and wanted to experiment with sleeping in my 2007 Nissan Patrol, which still have the back seats. The setup needs to be temporary, so i was thinking along the lines of...
  13. JOGGIN

    Victorian high county 5day trip

    Hi guys, Just planning a trip into the Victorian high county this Easter holiday and need some help planning. So I'm relying on your experience and knowledge to help me out here. We want to spend 5 days there seeing as much as we can and trying as much 4wd tracks as we can. We will be self...
  14. Lewy_88

    Part 2 of the Pinnibar Trip - Wheelers Hut to Poplars Campground

    More awesome scenery and a great campground. We damaged the Dmax rear bar in a creek crossing, then winched out of the same crossing the next day. Finished the trip with a flat tyre. Great weekend away! Vic High Country - Wheelers Hut to Poplars Campground
  15. Robbie_P

    QLD National Park Beach camping

    Hi All, Over the past 4 months, since getting my Patrol, we have been bush camping just about every weekend in the QLD National Parks and State Forrests. Most people we have met along the way have told us we need to go to Fraser Island. I still have 3 weeks of leave remaining, so I'm hoping to...
  16. S

    RC Colorado centre console fridge

    Hi everyone! I recently just bought a 2011 LTR Colorado and I was just wondering if anyone had ever changed the mounting for the handbrake and fit a fridge for a centre console (the Dometic CF 11 is the one I have my eye on...
  17. Shehan Wilfred

    Camping at Mayford (VHC)

    Hi All, First of all Merry Christmas to everyone. I am planning a trip to the Victorian high country in the next few days. My plan is to visit blue rag range viewpoint first and then camp at Mayford. My initial plan was to camp at the end of blue rag range track (by the river), however after...
  18. Robbie_P

    QLD National Park with waterhole, creek and swimming

    Hi All, We are thinking of doing a camp next week in one of the QLD National Parks. We have 3 kids (8,6, and 3) and water keeps them entertained for hours and hours, especially when camping during the hot months. Can anyone suggest any good camping sites in the the QLD National PArk which...
  19. Robbie_P

    Power options for camping?

    Hi All, I am looking for some advice on a power setup for my travels / camping. I am based in Brisbane and most of our camping involves driving 2-3 hours to our destination, camping for 2-3 days, then driving home. I have a 2007 Nissan patrol, which currently only has a single battery...
  20. Robbie_P

    National Park camping between Brisbane and Sydney

    Hi All, We are planning a road trip from Brisbane to Sydney (Wollongong area) in December and was just wondering if there were any good NSW national parks or reasonably priced camping sites along the way? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Robbie