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Hi all,
New member here, i am trying to plan a camping trip for myself and about 6 others somewhere along the murray. We will be in swags and 1 or 2 tents so no caravan but am wanting a fire sort of setup where we can have a firepit , talk crap listen to some music drinks food and carryon good times and camp under the stars next to the river and wake up to animals to if possible but i amd also wanting and needing ademities like tiolet and a shower also somewhere closish to local pubs so if we want we can go get a feed and that and finding a spot that has these things has found to be hard so i am looking for advise on where would be a good spot with these things, was looking around renmark or morgan or blanchtown.
Thank You

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Welcome to the forum mate.
Live up that way do you ?

Willing to pay for good camping and facilities ?
Try Lovedays 4x4, it's got river camping and of course the 4x4 tracks, obstacle type terrain and bush driving.
Fairly close to Barmera, but you'd want to take most grog with you.


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The shower will knock out 99% of camp spots on the river. If you look at Wikicamps, the are hundreds of spots to choose from but only paid camping will have a shower. Paid camping comes with restrictions on fires and music noise although both need to be done sensibly whether there are others around or not.