VIC bush camping - light 4wd

Hi All,

I normally bush camp in the Vic high country early Jan with a large group of family and friends (3 vehicles, 10 people adults and kids). Given the bush fires already burning this year we are looking for a new destination that is somewhat secluded, off the beaten track (light 4wd only) that has some bush walking / fishing and that you'd be pretty safe to just show up and find a large area to pitch a couple of tents / camp trailer while not being on top of other people. Thinking Gippsland area ideally with some running water but don't know the area well and given the time of year don't want to truck 10 people around looking for a suitable area to camp. Any suggestions would be great.




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This is a frustrating time for us as we head out regularly throughout the year but due to all these peanuts setting the bush on fire I'm not so confident going out now.
Thanks all for the comments and suggestions. Looks like we have a pretty terrible weekend coming up. It might be best to give the trip a miss this year.


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Used to be only one of the designated camp sites around the lake had a toilet. There was good free camping further east behind the dunes, found with the help of some local knowledge. One dune off the beach, you could see the sharks early morning behind the shore break. No toilets.