Epic Drives WA

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Kalbarri, Western Australia's resort town at the mouth of the Murchison River and home to iconic locations and rugged scenery.
With Christmas fast approaching and with the majority of travellers heading down south for the holidays we snuck out for a sneaky four day road trip north.
First up was Lucky Bay, this beach campsite is home to a perfectly protected lagoon (if your keen on four wheel driving north up the beach a kilometre or two... which we did and were rewarded with a picturesque albeit windy camp for the night.) Famous for it's spearfishing and massive Mulloway, Lucky bay is one of the best beaches i've had the privilege of camping on.
Day two we visited the Pink Lake, (AKA Hutt Lagoon) set up camp at Wagoe Chalets and had a #wanderoutyonder around the rocky cliffs at Eagle Rock and Pot Alley. The following day we packed up camp and headed to Rainbow Valley and Red Bluff, both scenic walks along the coastal cliffs and ended the day swimming and fishing along the Murchison River in Kalbarri where we camped for our third night.
For our final day we headed to Kalbarri National Park, home to Natures Window, the Kalbarri Sky Walk and Z Bend before heading back to Perth just in time to recover before Christmas!