1. Jetts lux

    new here and my rig

    Gday all. jus joined here after reading many articles before hand. also i bought my first car not long ago, bought this 2008 n70. i bought it very well set up already with dual battery, custom canopy with 12v system in it. 32'' at tyres that are in need to be replaced for some 34's i have lined...
  2. S

    New to 4WD, Need Help Finding a 4WD!!!!

    Hey guys, recently I went camping with my mates in their 4WD, through sand tracks. I was instantly fascinated with its built and its ability to drive through anything. I have been doing some research on 4WD and trying to find a good wagon for me or even a ute. can I please get some suggestions...
  3. M

    Weird looking plug on the tray of my cruiser

    Just wondering if anybody has seen these types of plugs before, they came already on the back of my tray and just haven’t seen that type of plug before, guessing for some type of floodlight or something?
  4. M

    Looking to get bigger tyres

    Hey lads, I’ve got a Toyota landcruiser 79 series single cab HZJ79R. Currently got 265/70R16 road tyres on it. Looking to get either 285/75R16 muddys or all terrains. It’s a stock cruiser (no lift on it, stock suspension ect.) I feel as though they will fit no problem for the back but not too...
  5. T


    Hi gang, Looking for any really good resources on 4WD in general - very new to it myself, though I have been on several trips through the African bushveld with my dad way back when. Ultimately wanting to see the parts of Aus that are harder to get to (read: where there are fewer people there to...
  6. Epic Drives WA

    Wheeling, camping, fishing and everything in between!

    Since my last podcast we’ve had the annual 4WD and camping show here in Perth. I also managed to get away with a few crew down south for a long weekend of wheeling, camping, fishing, and everything in between! I’ve also been up north to Kalbarri with my family over Christmas. All that in more in...
  7. Epic Drives WA

    Cape to Cape 4x4

    Campsites worth checking out in the South West Conto campground: 34º 4' 43.46" S, 115º 1' 2.81" E Point Road Camping Area: 34º 5' 37.31" S, 115º 1' 16.86" E Boranup Camping Area: 34º 10' 45.39" S, 115º 4' 7.16" E Hamelin Bay Caravan Park: 34º 13' 20.86" S, 115º 1' 45.51" E With the weather...
  8. Epic Drives WA

    A 3 year journey four wheel driving in EPIC Western Australia!

    I am so lucky to be a West Aussie, I am so fortunate to have a back yard the size of Germany, France, Ecuador, Italy and Portugal combined! The best part for me is’s mostly off-road! That easily equates to an entire lifetime of exploration and im only 3 years into my journey. Despite already...
  9. Cruisn

    The Murchison-Western Australia

    One for the bucket list (if you are outside WA at the moment) . The Murchison is renowned for Gold Mines but there is plenty to see in this rugged area of WA. Whilst the coastline is packed with WA tourists - there's vast empty areas that will satisfy campers and 4wd drivers! Hope see you out...
  10. S

    Planning long tour, unsure of what to buy.

    I’m planning to travel up through west aus and all around for quite a while. New to 4wd... not sure of what to buy (new, used, make) any tips would be greatly appreciated of what to look out for, or what to avoid. Looking to buy dual cab with ally canopy. Thanks
  11. 92Cruiser

    Winch rope fouls on winch support bar

    Recently installed a Domin8r X winch into my 80 series on a winch cradle I fab'd up to sit behind my ARB Non-Winch bar. As the cradle bolts to the bottom of the chassis the winch sits quite low compared to the front of the bar so I have flipped the winch around so it pulls from the top, but...
  12. M

    Pajero mk3 4wd error code 33 and 41

    Hi guys! It’s a pleasure to discuss some stuff with u.. I own a mitshubishi montero year 2000 2.8 manual and I’m stacked with its 4wd failure.. It shows error codes 33 and 41 when I checked it manually. The previous owner said he replaced clutch plates and then the 4wd did not work and the 4wd...
  13. Lewy_88

    Blowering Dam and Tumut

    We recently went to explore the tracks behind Tumut (before the travel ban obviously). Its worth checking the area out, even while there are many forest closures since the fires. The camping is amazing at Blowering Dam. 100% recommend it. There is a heap of space and absolute water front...
  14. Epic Drives WA

    Jeep Gladiator or

    What do you guys think about the new Jeep Gladiator that is due for release in Australia mid way through the year? I’m a Toyota bloke myself but I gotta say I think this rig looks epic! Anyone planning on getting one?
  15. Epic Drives WA

    Top 10 Summer 4WD Trips Near Perth.

    Looking for summer 4WD tracks near Perth that are ideal for family and friends? Suitable for beginners? If you live in Perth this top 10 list is bound to have 4x4 tracks near you! The best beaches, the best tracks, from day trips to all out epic adventures! This is the first in a series of...
  16. Epic Drives WA

    What 4WD Tyre Do I Need?

    Fitting the correct tyres to your 4x4 is one of the most important touring decisions you’ll make. TYRE performance takes on a whole new meaning when it’s applied to off-road four-wheel drives. Grip on wet and dry roads is important, but it’s stuff like puncture resistance, off-road grip (in...
  17. Epic Drives WA

    Outback camping at Ninghan Station.

    If your looking for a unique 4WD experience in WA, put Ninghan Station on your list of adventures. This place truly is where the outback begins, rugged hills with wide open landscapes that provide the ultimate 4x4 adventure playground! I've been up this way before and this trip involved...
  18. Epic Drives WA

    4x4 Air Compressors - Beginner Tips.

    The very first addition to your 4WD setup that you MUST have before you head off road is a 12 volt air compressor. I don't believe that you need expensive equipment to enjoy the great outdoors however there are a few things that will help ensure your first experience off-road is an enjoyable...
  19. Epic Drives WA

    Sand, Rocks & Reservoirs: Facebook 4x4 event

    This episode is what it says on the tin! We hit up sand, rocks and reservoirs in one action packed 4x4 day of Epic Drives Western Australian adventure! Kicking off the day south of #Mandurah, we aired down the tyres of our 4WD's and headed off towards one of only a few four wheel drive friendly...
  20. Epic Drives WA

    My advice for beginners. (Planning your first off road trip.)

    This is aimed at beginners who are just starting out in the world of 4WD. Just some ideas and tips for even the most novice of beginners as well as some of the pre preparation you can do before you even hit the tracks. If you're a newbie I hope this video helps you hit up the tracks!