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Recently installed a Domin8r X winch into my 80 series on a winch cradle I fab'd up to sit behind my ARB Non-Winch bar. As the cradle bolts to the bottom of the chassis the winch sits quite low compared to the front of the bar so I have flipped the winch around so it pulls from the top, but still spools the correct way.

My problem now is that the winch rope lines up perfectly to foul on one of the cross members on the winch (see pictures below). I have flipped the cross member over so it is a smooth, rounded edge touching the rope, but I imagine under-load, the rope will be applying a lot of force on this bar and I'm unsure how strong it is.

Will I be able to run it like this, or do I need to adjust the winch positioning / fairlead position?



Any ideas would be extremely helpful!


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Only the last couple of wraps look like they will foul. Sod’s law states that you’ll need all your rope and then some when you really need it so no worries. If you are up close maybe use a snatch block to waste a bit of length if you don’t want to grind a bit out of the bar.


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At the end of the day you have to think about not only what that point of the winch bar will endure with 4 tonne + of pressure on it but also the rope.

I dont have the answer, but would I run it like that...............................NOPE!


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Okay after sussing out the bar and cradle again I have don't think the winch pulling over the top will work in any-case without spacing it by a lot at which point it will definitely start snapping the mounting bolts.

So I will most likely just have the rope pull from the bottom but unsure if what looks like a 35-40 degree angle between the winch and fairlead will be okay?