A 3 year journey four wheel driving in EPIC Western Australia!

Epic Drives WA

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I am so lucky to be a West Aussie, I am so fortunate to have a back yard the size of Germany, France, Ecuador, Italy and Portugal combined! The best part for me is’s mostly off-road! That easily equates to an entire lifetime of exploration and im only 3 years into my journey. Despite already having covered 10's of 1000's of kilometres off the black top I have only seen a tiny fraction of what Western Australia has on offer. A very special thank you to all of you who have liked, subscribed, and comment on my channel so far, a massive thanks to all of you who have been involved, assisted and encouraged me along the way. G'day to all of you I've had the pleasure of meeting , whether i've had a beer with you, laughed with you and shared stores with you are all a part of why I love my home state and a huge g'day to all of you i'm yet to meet. WA you never continue to inspire and and amaze me.