1. Epic Drives WA

    Who’s up for a wheel down the beach? WA.

    G’day all you 4 wheeling legends! I’m heading down to Preston Beach, Western Australia this Saturday (07/12/19) for a day trip down this awesome stretch of beach and then finishing off the day by heading inland to Harvey before the drive back to (reality) Perth. If anyone is interest in joining...
  2. Epic Drives WA

    4 Wheeling with Wild Touring (part 2) The man, the myth, the legend!

    I was lucky enough to hook up with Cam Wild from Wild Touring to collaborate on a podcast style interview and chat all things 4WD, camping, gear and adventure!
  3. Epic Drives WA

    4 Wheeling with Wild Touring (Part 1.)

    Finally a collaboration video! I caught up with old mate Cam from Wild Touring and headed out the back of Pinjarra for a day of 4 wheeling. Cam drives a modified D-MAX that puts my stock Hilux to shame! This guy was on a mission to tackle a technical hill climb that had defeated him on his last...
  4. Epic Drives WA

    A very wet and muddy 4WD trip featuring the story of fugitive bushranger Moondyne Joe.

    The life story of one of Western Australia's most infamous bushrangers Joseph Bolitho Johns AKA "Moondyne Joe." Join us as we tackle the 4WD tracks out in the Avon Valley, the place Moondyne called home and perfected his bushcraft. We follow Moondyne from his childhood in the UK to his death in...
  5. Epic Drives WA

    Movember 4WD Camping Adventure & 1000 subs!!!!! Thank you

    This is my 55th video! If you haven't watched any of my other videos check them out, oh it's #Movember and to help celebrate this amazing organisation I'm hosting a charity 4WD/Camping trip. Following a 140 kilometre water course from Tenterden down to Owingup Swamp before ending up at the...
  6. Epic Drives WA

    The (Perth) Australian 4WD & Adventure Show, Who's Going?

    Are you ready for the 2019 Perth 4WD & Adventure Show? It's everything you need to get outdoors on your next adventure with 4WDs and accessories, caravans, and camper trailers plus camping and fishing gear all in one huge event. I'm going to be there for all 3 days so hopefully i'll see you...
  7. Epic Drives WA

    4 Wheel Adventure North of Ninghan in WA.

    Heading 400km North from Perth to Ninghan Station for an epic 3 day adventure. A 1000km journey to the remote Goldfields of Paynes Find. This place is remote, ancient and full of history.
  8. Epic Drives WA

    How I plan my 4WD adventures.

    My personal tips for organising four wheel drive trips. This episode of Epic Drives Western Australia will hopefully help some of you prepare for your next coastal or outback 4WD road trip. Each 4x4 trip is obviously different and having a pre-trip checklist set up with all your essential...
  9. Epic Drives WA

    Bogged, beaten and bruised! Western Australia's Wandoo National Park.

    This 4WD trip was not easy... Sometimes the simplest things can be tough! A combination of issues made this day trip a three day expedition. I knew i could easily give up at any point but some things need finishing and this track was one of those "things." The crazy thing is, I've driven...
  10. Epic Drives WA

    Frankland River 4x4 Adventure.

    Starting in the agricultural town of Boyup Brook and following the Frankland River all the way to the ocean at Quarram Beach. It's a three day adventure through some of Western Australias south west.
  11. Epic Drives WA

    Wilbinga to Seabird - Epic 4WD day trip so close to Perth!

    This trip heads north starting at Wilbinga and travelling through the sand dunes to the sleepy town of Seabird. This is a great day trip for those of you who live in the city and a great place to learn the intricacies of sand driving.
  12. Epic Drives WA

    Wilbinga - Perth’s closest 4WD playground

    For the full driving instructions linked here: https://www.epicdriveswesternaustrali... Looking to take your 4WD for a drive on the beach somewhere close to Perth? Wilbinga in roughly 80kms from Perth with vehicle access to a number of stunning beaches. The trip notes provided below take you...
  13. S

    Help! Do I purchase a Toyota 40th anniversary 1997 Land Cruiser??

    Since moving to Australia 3 years ago I have been working in rural Australian settings without a car. During my first year in Alice Springs I was lucky enough to make a ton of friends with 4WD's which allowed me to have some awesome outback experiences. Since moving away my ability to work and...
  14. J

    Discovery 4 ?

    I've had a couple of Land Rover's before and must admit a love hate after a rather poor experience with a 2003 l322 which was scrapped after the gear box died a second time. I am currently selling my Citroen C5 (which has been a great car in every way) to buy a 4wd so my family can do the big...
  15. Shehan Wilfred

    Camping at Merringtons camp ground

    Hi all, Newly registered but has been reading posts for along time. So I was browsing through the camping section and came across the Merrington's campground near the Thomson dam i believe and it captured my interest. I actually did a bit of digging and found out the coordinates of the camping...
  16. CruisingSned

    4WD Supacentre Warranty

    Has anyone had problems recently with 4WD Supacentre Warranty claims. My titan draw turned up a little worse for wear. Looks like something heavy has been dropped on the draws. I've put a claim in today. Must have been a really heavy hit. It's fairly sturdy.
  17. J

    Help with a bullbar

    wasn't to sure where to post this. i brought a bullbar which was all boxed/taped up and he said its all there that he double checked and everything but after i got home the bolts/fitting instructions were not there and ive been requesting them for the last 4-5 weeks with no success. ive tried...
  18. R

    New to the page and new to 4WD!!

    Hi all! I'm super new to 4wd. Just bought a Jeep Wrangler 2009 and want to try out some easy tracks around Melbourne :) Any suggestions would be appreciated!!