1. S

    Triton GLX+ MQ MY16 Manual 3rd gear popping out and grinding

    So, bought a used Triton, model described in title. Has 150k kms on the clock, aftermaket suspension, 31 ATs and some other minor stuff. First time off road, just some moderate difficulty sandy hill climbs at 20psi to feel firsthand how it handled and get some confidence. 3rd started popping...
  2. T


    Hi gang, Looking for any really good resources on 4WD in general - very new to it myself, though I have been on several trips through the African bushveld with my dad way back when. Ultimately wanting to see the parts of Aus that are harder to get to (read: where there are fewer people there to...
  3. RogueTrader

    Advice on first proper family 4WD

    Hi all We’re looking to upgrade out ‘07 Outlander to a proper 4WD in the next two years. I’m looking for something that ticks the following boxes: -wife can use as daily drive, and we have three kids (age 5-13). I have a company car, so this will be the “everything else” vehicle! -must be...
  4. TassieTourer

    Best Budget 4x4

    G'day all, I'm starting to accumulate a bit of money and was considering upgrading from my 2003 Mitsubishi Trtiton MK 2.8L Turbo Diesel. My budget is under $10,000 for sure, but i was wondering what vehicles i could purchase fairly cheap and modify (Over in Tasmania, there are stuff all parts...
  5. C

    Help with first 4x4 ute

    Hi, I am looking to buy a 4x4 ute as follows It will just be a weekend car, for camping, going to the beach, transporting 2 adults and 2 dogs and kayaks or bikes that kind of thing. Maybe a bit of offroading in the future but even then it will only be a couple of times a year so i don't need...
  6. L

    Seeking advice - used 120 prados

    Hi earth, after reconsidering for a few months now I'm looking at picking something up in the next 12 months (around 20-25k), all signs so far have pointed to 120 prados for me (resale, personal preference, aftermarket options) and I'm looking for someone to either tell me I'm looking in the...
  7. L

    Newbie Looking for advice (accessories + vehicle)

    G'day all First up, complete newbie with minimal 4x4 experience, hoping for that to change in the future! I'm keen to get myself a wagon within the next 9-12 months (gives me some time to put cash together) and would love to get opinions from those who've been around longer than I have. What...
  8. Waswell

    Minor Service - Early 2000's era Diesel Engine (HZJ105)

    I am relatively new to engines (and 4wd's) and am trying to learn more. I thought a good step towards learning would be to do the minor/6 month service on my 105 series Landcruiser while i'm in quarantine lock-down. Can anyone tell me what items I should be covering with this? I'm fine with the...
  9. Epic Drives WA

    What 4WD Tyre Do I Need?

    Fitting the correct tyres to your 4x4 is one of the most important touring decisions you’ll make. TYRE performance takes on a whole new meaning when it’s applied to off-road four-wheel drives. Grip on wet and dry roads is important, but it’s stuff like puncture resistance, off-road grip (in...
  10. Epic Drives WA

    My advice for beginners. (Planning your first off road trip.)

    This is aimed at beginners who are just starting out in the world of 4WD. Just some ideas and tips for even the most novice of beginners as well as some of the pre preparation you can do before you even hit the tracks. If you're a newbie I hope this video helps you hit up the tracks!
  11. S

    Help! Do I purchase a Toyota 40th anniversary 1997 Land Cruiser??

    Since moving to Australia 3 years ago I have been working in rural Australian settings without a car. During my first year in Alice Springs I was lucky enough to make a ton of friends with 4WD's which allowed me to have some awesome outback experiences. Since moving away my ability to work and...
  12. L

    New member looking for some advice.

    Hello 4x4 Earthers! New member here looking for some advice buying my first 4WD. Initially I'm just looking at a touring vehicle for weekend camping trips, but would like to try out some beginner tracks and test the muddy waters of 4WDing to see if I like it. So I'm happy to start out cheaper...
  13. T

    G'DAY Folks!

    Hey guys and girls Just wanted to say hi, I'm new to 4x4 earth. I have no experience of off-roading or 4WD but keen to get into it it seems AMAZING! Currently I own a 2017 X5 for the 9-5 and school run but looking for suggestions/advice for a weekend warrior, something cheap and cheerful to get...
  14. Mike222

    Hilux help - Questions from a newb.

    Hey everyone, Apologies if there is already a thread on this or it is meant to be posted elsewhere. I have quiet a few questions, in which I have done some research into myself, however I tend to find alot of information contradicting (some sites say you should others say you shouldn't). I own...