1. O

    60 series chrome bumper

    What a fair price for a second hand chrome 60 series front bumper. Ive heard they can be rare to find, but not sure what they're actually worth? Has some surface rust. Heres some images below
  2. M

    Looking to get bigger tyres

    Hey lads, I’ve got a Toyota landcruiser 79 series single cab HZJ79R. Currently got 265/70R16 road tyres on it. Looking to get either 285/75R16 muddys or all terrains. It’s a stock cruiser (no lift on it, stock suspension ect.) I feel as though they will fit no problem for the back but not too...
  3. R

    Leak on 1fz-fe land cruiser 2002 engine head

    There's some sorta leak found at the engine head, its at a hose that connects to the engine head, from the intake, and the substance leaking seems to look like oil, i don't know what the exact issue is, and why there's oil leak on something related to the intake, doesn't make sense to me. This...
  4. J

    Should I buy a 1993 Toyota Landcruiser FZJ80

    Hey, this is my first post on the forum. I'm a 19 and am looking at buying my first 4wd for weekend adventures. I have found a petrol 80 series with 179,000km for $13,000. I was just wondering people's thoughts on this whether it's worth it or should I buy a newer ute (like a demax or triton) or...
  5. M

    79 Series Landcruiser Air Conditioning

    I've got a 2005 1HD79R Toyota Landcruiser with the FTE motor. Its never had air conditioning fitted so I'm trying to sort it out. Seems no one can really help me find the right parts to fit. Toyota have said the kits have been discontinued and no aftermarket place I've spoken to can tell me for...
  6. A

    4x4 Rust

    Have a ‘01 105 series cruiser with a rust problem in the roof. There’s a patch of rust that is about 7x2cm with a hole that’s about 1cm large (photo attached). I’ve heard a mechanic/ panel beater can write the vehicle off if the rust is bad. Just wondering if it’s there’s any chance of it being...
  7. G

    Do 35’s put out your odometer

    Hey guys, I have just purchased a brand new 79 series dual cab and trying to put this conversation to bed, so I thought I would ask the professionals on here. Once I take delivery in a few weeks i’m lifting the car and running 35s on her. I know my speedo will be out BUT my question is will my...
  8. S

    Solo Trips

    G'day lads, Long time lurker, first time poster. I figured it was time to make an account, introduce myself and ask a couple of questions. Born and raised in Townsville QLD, I have a 94 80 series with the mighty 1fz and boy, does it pull like a train. Funnily enough, I grew up in a very similar...
  9. Waswell

    Minor Service - Early 2000's era Diesel Engine (HZJ105)

    I am relatively new to engines (and 4wd's) and am trying to learn more. I thought a good step towards learning would be to do the minor/6 month service on my 105 series Landcruiser while i'm in quarantine lock-down. Can anyone tell me what items I should be covering with this? I'm fine with the...
  10. Waswell

    Issue with rear diff. Replace, Refurb or wait and see? Diff lockers?

    Relatively new to 4wd's so go easy. I've bought a Landcruiser HZJ105 (2002) last October with 300k on the clock. I was well aware there'd be creases to iron out, plus plenty ongoing to get it to and keep it in good order. What i was after was a simpler older truck that I could learn a thing or...
  11. Waswell

    Central Coast NSW

    New member from the Central Coast, NSW. Have a Landcruiser HZJ105. Out to find some quieter waves and see a bit of our bush.
  12. Rackers03

    Thoughts on a 1fz-fe 80 Series?

    Hey all, Since i'm close to getting a license, been on the lookout for cruisers. And i've seen a few 80 series with the 1fz-fe engine (4.5 twin-cam, roughly 211hp when new) and wanted to see what everyone thinks of them. It's got 320,000 on it and they're asking $4,999. Pretty much stock except...
  13. Rackers03

    Thoughts on buying a 80 Series Cruiser

    Hi all, New to the site, so thought i'd ask something. I'm sixteen end of the year and looking for a good 4bie to take offroad/use at home (farm in SA) Currently got me eyes on a '97 80 series Standard. It's got a 2 inch lift, 33 inch muddies, bullbar, UHF/radio, snorkel and spotties. It's got...
  14. GERmechanic

    1hz Rebuild - without pulling engine

    Hey guys, I want to rebuild my troopy 1hz and my uncle told me it could work without pulling the engine. Is it possible? Easier? What do you reckon? Thanks in regards Jan
  15. S

    Help! Do I purchase a Toyota 40th anniversary 1997 Land Cruiser??

    Since moving to Australia 3 years ago I have been working in rural Australian settings without a car. During my first year in Alice Springs I was lucky enough to make a ton of friends with 4WD's which allowed me to have some awesome outback experiences. Since moving away my ability to work and...
  16. cradokaone

    Whale watching, Eyre Highway, clifftop camping..

    As part of a recent trip along the Anne Beadell highway. It wouldn't be the best campsite a lot of the time but when it is, what a great spot...
  17. Nhereward

    Newbie help: LandCruiser-Patrol or ???

    Hello all, I am planning on getting my first 4x4. My girlfriend and I are hoping to camp in it long term. We are from the UK but are landing in Perth this November. The main controller of what we get is the budget. We are looking at 10000 AUD to be the top end of our budget for the car. It...
  18. CruisingSned

    Landcruiser suspension bushes

    Hey all Looking to replace my suspension bushes after a 2 inch lift. Bushes were getting pretty tired before I did the lift and now the truck has gotten quite unsettled on the road. Definitely want to replace them with rubber. Has anyone used the rubber bushes with an offset? Do they last? Just...
  19. CruisingSned

    Roof rail clip removal

    Hey all Hoping someone can help with a bit of guidance on removing the roof rail clips from a Landcruiser 105. These are the clips that hold the black cover in the rail. My super awesome panel beater who apparently cleaned the car up before I collected left a stack of swarf hidden away. I guess...
  20. Zamunda

    Trip Video | Part 2 - now out

    When we told friends that Coober Pedy was one of the places we will be visiting many said: "why do you want to spend three days in that dusty place?!". Well, we have never been known to listen to others so off we went. Yes, it was a dusty town, but there was so much see and experience. It is...