Leak on 1fz-fe land cruiser 2002 engine head


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There's some sorta leak found at the engine head, its at a hose that connects to the engine head, from the intake, and the substance leaking seems to look like oil, i don't know what the exact issue is, and why there's oil leak on something related to the intake, doesn't make sense to me. This is my first 4x4 car. Someone please do explain the issue if you could. Thanks.


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Thats not a leak, its a slight seep that is absolutely nothing to worry about and very normal for an 18 year old car.
The hose is a breather hose that if you track where it goes will head from the engine into a canister that catches any particles and vents cleaner air ( bit of a guess but highly probable)
All you are seeing is a slight oil residue that is seeping out due to to rubber seals not being what they once were.
At least your Toyota is only doing that at 18 years old, LR would do that from 3 years old :)
EDIT : just had a better look at the pic, it is a breather hose but goes into the air intake NOT a chanister


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I'm no expert, but it looks like the hose has a crack where the oil appears to be coming from in that pic. It wouldn't be hard to take off and inspect/replace.

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I was going to say, it should nt leak and the hose/ clamps would need to be replaced

Matt let’s not get ahead of our selves 3 years is a bit rich let’s say 3 days