Landcruiser suspension bushes


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Hey all
Looking to replace my suspension bushes after a 2 inch lift. Bushes were getting pretty tired before I did the lift and now the truck has gotten quite unsettled on the road.
Definitely want to replace them with rubber. Has anyone used the rubber bushes with an offset? Do they last?

Just wondering if anyone has used the ones below?

The ones from road runner don't come with offset castor bushes in the set.

Open to suggestions



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The only ones that will last are the genuine Toyoto bushes. The nylon castor offset bushes will cause your radius arm brackets on the diff to crack if you do a lot of articulation . There a no 3 deg rubber correction bushes that i know of ,most people change the radius arms that use a genuine bushes to suit lift. This prevents this problem. Genuine bushes link, about half the cost than buying from Toyota. even cheaper if you want to wait.