ford ranger

  1. B

    Securing Roof Rack/ Platform to standard Wild Trak Roof Rails

    I have a Pk WildTrak. Did a big trip up North of WA last year and prior to going bought a canopy which came with a full roof length roof rack. I've customised it a bit simply cutting some bits off as it was originally made to carry a tinny. The rack is attached to the canopy however as it's full...
  2. N

    Hi guys... i just Bought a 2005 mazda bravo b2500 4x4... my first diesel and 4x4.

    So I took it to my mechanic to get a safety check and had a couple little issues as far as I know. my rfw light keeps coming on at start up and was running bit rough in the morning only for about 5 seconds. That got fixed was 2 faulty glow plugs... but the rfw light he said your 4wd works ok and...
  3. T

    Ford Ranger PX3 Aftermarket Wheel Fitment

    G'day guys, new to this forum. Recently I got myself a ranger, currently it's fully stock and looking to modify for occasional 4x4 and touring. First on the list is a set of new wheels and tyres. It does not have any flares and not interested in fitting one. In terms of the diameter and tyre...
  4. Rowan1nz

    Sand stuck in brakes pads

    Hi there I have a 2018 Ford Ranger XLT mk3 and I have taken it to Bribie island along the beach a couple times. Every time I come off the beach I get a loud sound coming from both the front brakes. It sounds like I have sand stuck in the pads. It goes away after about 10km of driving but it’s...