Securing Roof Rack/ Platform to standard Wild Trak Roof Rails


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I have a Pk WildTrak. Did a big trip up North of WA last year and prior to going bought a canopy which came with a full roof length roof rack. I've customised it a bit simply cutting some bits off as it was originally made to carry a tinny. The rack is attached to the canopy however as it's full length a part of it hangs over the cab. My problem is I don't know the best way to secure it as the Wildtrak comes if factory roof rails. I've looked around on the net and made calls to 4x4 stores on replacing the rails with cross bars but apparently nothing is made for them. Currently the section over hanging the cabin is sitting on top of the roof rails but is only secured temporarily by steel cable ties...I've recently noticed the under if the aluminium roof rack is starting to grind away due to rubbing.

Any ideas how to secure it without permanently welding it to the roof racks or affecting the rails structure?


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Don’t connect it to the canopy and the cabin roof , choose one or the other as there is too much movement between the two
It's came and is meant to be bolted to the canopy as you can see in the pic. The previous ranger is came off had normal cross bar roof racks and the platform had 2 arms that attached to the cross bars.

It currently sits on top of my roof rails, if I don't attach them won't it just rattle and continue to rub?


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Yes it will continue to rub and rattle because the chassis flexes and your tub and the cab of your vehicle move independently. I had a rub mark on the back of my cab from where the tray used to tap the cab when i had the vehicle all crossed up, that is why the manufacturers leave a gap between the tray and the cab on your vehicle
If you attach the rack rigidly to your cab and the tub the weakest fixing point in the setup will most likely break or get ripped out of the roof
You could put a flexible rubber style cushion between the two surfaces to stop the rattle and rub and still allow it to move independently
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The rack is most likely designed to be fully supported by the internal frame in the canopy (at least that's how my similar looking set up is).

Ideally you wouldn't have the rails on the cab.

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I would agree with the previous comments. There is considerable movement between the cab and the tub all you're doing is causing damage to your rails, you are also risking damage to the canopy where the rack mounting points are. Fitting a thin piece of rubber under your rack where it can contact the rails to prevent rubbing would be my only suggestion. It doesn't look like there is too much overhang to really need a third support anyway. Being that it is mounted on a fibreglass canopy you can't put much weight up there either.
If there is a lot of movement you may actually need to raise the height of the rack to a avoid contact with the car roof rails or if possible remove them.