Ford Ranger PX3 Aftermarket Wheel Fitment


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G'day guys, new to this forum. Recently I got myself a ranger, currently it's fully stock and looking to modify for occasional 4x4 and touring.

First on the list is a set of new wheels and tyres. It does not have any flares and not interested in fitting one. In terms of the diameter and tyre, I pretty much have my heart on a set of Nitto Ridge Grapplers (265/70/R17). However, It's mainly the wheel offset I'm unsure. I have researched 3 options and not sure which one of them would have the tyres sit flush against the guard?

1. 17x9 +30 (poke out too much?)
2. 17x8 +30 (might be the one)
3. 17x8 +42 (still sits inside the guard like the stock +55?)


John U

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I did similar last year, going to 265/75/R16. I went with black sunraysias. The tyre shop had the correct offset and knew what they were talking about. They lined up perfectly. I can't remember what the offset is but your tyre shop should know.

Oh, and welcome.