New to 4x4

Hi all have been a member here for a while used a Mazda tribute for touring/camping.
Have finally bought my first 4x4 ,new rig is a 2009 Ford Ranger. What I would like to know is does the 2009 Ranger have a smart alternator ? Currently planning a dual battery setup for it.


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Well done, looks pretty tidy
I haven’t been there for a while but if you go onthe Redarc site you can put your vehicle model details in and it will tell you which style of charger/ isolaor you need
If you are considering using lithium batteries you will be using a DCDC charger regardless


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As a general rule most 4x4's after 2015 have "smart" or variable voltage alternators so I would say your is a fixed??
Easy enough to find out via your manufacturer.

Still as Alby suggests I would be gearing towards a DC-DC compatable lithium set up from the get go.

The lithium battery market is reducing in price as is the hardware that goes with it.

In the end its all about budget, whats yours??


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I'm another that favours lithium for a house battery to power fridges etc. Great power at a low weight. Your Ranger has a conventional alternator. Smart alternators were introduced on the PX Ranger.