1. CourtneySidwell

    Urgent Help Needed! Bogged Commodore VY Sedan at Panmure Camping Grounds i can pay $50.

    I'm in desperate need of My beloved Commodore VY Sedan is completely bogged, and I'm stuck just 1 meter away from the gravel road. I'm hoping someone with a winch can come to my rescue and help me out of this muddy predicament. I'm currently located at the Panmure Camping Grounds, and my exact...
  2. D

    Old Vs. New Warn XD9000

    Hi Guys, I have an old Warn XD9000 Winch, the model with the serial number up to 348579. It is disguised by having a heatsink on the motor. According to the Parts Diagram, a few parts on the older (SN Pre 348579) Warn XD9000 models have different part numbers to the newer XD9000 models, such...
  3. J

    Chasing a broken winch? Sydney area

    Anyone happen to have a busted ass old winch they don’t want anymore in the Sydney area? I’ve got a 2 inch lift kit installed recently which is setup to have a winch on the front. Unfortunately will probably be another 6 months until I can afford to buy a winch. Doesn’t need to work of course...
  4. 92Cruiser

    Winch rope fouls on winch support bar

    Recently installed a Domin8r X winch into my 80 series on a winch cradle I fab'd up to sit behind my ARB Non-Winch bar. As the cradle bolts to the bottom of the chassis the winch sits quite low compared to the front of the bar so I have flipped the winch around so it pulls from the top, but...
  5. R

    Help me choose between the two winches

    I’ve narrowed my new winch search down to 2, just can’t decide, price identical, specs good on both, warranty identical and great. Anyone have experience with both or either and push me in right direction 1. t-max x-power 12500lb 2. Runva 13XP
  6. T

    Domin8r extreme winch help

    I recently bought the domin8r extreme winch and installed it on the ranger over the weekend. After mounting the winch and wiring it up I can spool the winch out fine, but when I go to spool in I just get an audible click from the control box but no action from the winch. If anyone might know...
  7. Rackers03

    Can you mount a winch on a non-winch bullbar?

    Hi all, Just wondering if you can do this or not? I'm looking at a few cars and they come with bullbars, but doesn't say they are winch bars (and can't see mounts). Just wanted to see what people think and what I have to do. Thanks, Hugh
  8. L

    Ridge Ryder winch 9000lb

    Hi guys I have a Ridge Ryder 9000lb winch with a steel cable, wondering if anyone knows what type of nylon winch rope would fit the cable holder on the winch.
  9. Stascrash

    Winch Repair

    Hey guys. I got a Warn Powerplant Dual HP winch, I think the winch was installed sometime in 2010 give or take, came with car. It gave up on me after a recent 4wd experience. It got dipped in the water and no longer wants to run. I took the entire thing apart, cleaned it, re-greased all the...
  10. O

    4wd upgrade advice

    I am about to buy a bull bar and a rear protection bar for my mq triton. This was inspired by backing the car into a small tree and getting panel damage due to the weak factory rear bumper bar just bending. Having a hard time choosing a place to go with as I have ruled out Ironman Cardiff, I...
  11. Syamala godfrey

    Anyone know best place to get duel battery installed

    Anyone know where to get duel battery installed near mornington peninsula ? And I want them to install ufh radia winch and lights and 12 volt plugs at the same time, I'm going to buy the parts, and which brands should I use?
  12. Abbztract

    Buy an old Warn or a new Carbon winch? Thoughts?

    So after two years of owning my Discovery 2a, I've finally gone ahead and ordered myself a brand new winch bar from ARB. Now as if that wasn't a hard enough decision, I have to choose a winch and I need some additional opinions from those who have been in this situation of buying their first...
  13. E

    Roo systems winch drum bearing or manual

    Hi everyone, New here! I have an old-ish (maybe 2012-14) Roo systems 12,000p winch on the front of my 76. Never really used it until recently up the extreme Mt Sunday Road track (5hrs to go 400m, winching in darkness, yay). Noticing a real bad crunching/screaming/grinding noise while...
  14. K

    Putting a winch in a Toyota hilux

    so I bought a winch want to put in a alloy bullbar and winch cradle but it's to big to fit on the chassis, so I'm replacing the alloy brackets for the bar with 8mm steel and going to weld the cradle to the brackets what's your thoughts is it going to work
  15. HiluxingAlong

    1996 LN106 Winch Bull Bar

    Anyone have one of these bars kicking around? I have a non winch bar and want to swap it out...