Putting a winch in a Toyota hilux

so I bought a winch want to put in a alloy bullbar and winch cradle but it's to big to fit on the chassis, so I'm replacing the alloy brackets for the bar with 8mm steel and going to weld the cradle to the brackets what's your thoughts is it going to work


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fit up the winch with good strong brackets, then modify the bar brackets to suit. you want the winch to be really strong and not move, but you want the bar to give a bit in a major hit, so the bar brackets need to be able to bend first. When you remove the bolts for the tow hook and other bolts holding the bulbar brackets on, make sure you use penetrating oil on the threads of the captive nuts inside the chassis first, so they come out without damaging the threads. If the threads are damaged its a real job to fix as all the strain from the winch will pulling on those captive nuts. . . you don't want them giving way at an inconvenient time.
That's Definitely something to keep in mind I fitted it off on the weekend but I don't know if it will be to low I put it on where the bullbar bolts to chassis at the front what your thoughts will I bottom out on everything is there anyway around it

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Too low. Will also go against you with your approach and departure angles


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Hard to tell from the front, but if it sticks out too far it may be classed as a 'dangerous protusion' from the bull bar and could get you a defect.