Roo systems winch drum bearing or manual

Elliot Stuart

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Hi everyone,

New here!
I have an old-ish (maybe 2012-14) Roo systems 12,000p winch on the front of my 76. Never really used it until recently up the extreme Mt Sunday Road track (5hrs to go 400m, winching in darkness, yay).
Noticing a real bad crunching/screaming/grinding noise while spooling out, have taken it apart with a mate and pretty sure the drum bearing is gone, there were thin metal rings broken and bit of grinded metal everywhere. Motor & clutch assembly working fine, gears all fine.

Just need a new bearing, but these winches aren't sold anymore by Roo or by Supacentre, nobody has the manual or any spare parts!!
I could go to a bearing store (and will), but don't really know what to ask for as the one I've got is all smashed and hard to tell what it looked like without good exploded diagram/manual etc.
Have got the manual for the Supacentre Domin8tor but looks a bit different.
Does ANYONE know these winches and what part I might be looking for?? Or have a copy of the manual?? Will post some photos when I'm home.

Elliot Stuart

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Hi, I have contacted Roo, zero help, they don't sell winches anymore and don't have any info on parts or any manuals. Same with 4WD Supacentre who used to sell this winch. I may have some luck with their old Tigerz 11 brand winch as it was very similar if not exactly the same just rebranded as the Roo systems winch. If anyone has one and has a copy of the manual please let me know!


I'd bin it and buy a winch with available parts etc..

You don't need to be in a recovery and it fails especially if alone.


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@Elliot Stuart . G'day I have some paperwork on the TigerZ11 12,000 lb winch. P.M. me your email and I will send it to you.
Just going out and back tonight and will send it then.


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If you take the shaft and the housing and the remaining bits to a bearing shop, they should be able to match it. I doubt if it is a super dooper special bearing only made for that particular winch.