Old Vs. New Warn XD9000


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Hi Guys,

I have an old Warn XD9000 Winch, the model with the serial number up to 348579. It is disguised by having a heatsink on the motor.
According to the Parts Diagram, a few parts on the older (SN Pre 348579) Warn XD9000 models have different part numbers to the newer XD9000 models, such as the planetary/carrier gears.

Does anyone know if there are any other differences between the older XD9000 and the newer XD9000 models? Are the older models just as reliable and strong as the newer models?



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Sorry don't know the difference but my 21yr old XD9000 still runs so worth doing up. Send an email to Warn they might help.


I didn’t realise they used heatshrink on the XD motor, makes sense why they outlasted there newer XP model that seized at the sniff of water..

If the older one is still working I would use it, you can always improve them by tapping a breather and spraying the brush holders and cylinder with CRC electro paint...

I wouldn’t waste my cash on a new one, especially Warn but each to there own ...