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  1. C

    Td42 or 1Hd-t @ 300,000kms

    Hey guys, first time poster so not sure if I’m posting in the right thread. I’m looking at changing up cars, I’m currently on a 14 BT50 and looking to change to a Patrol or 80 series. I’ve got two that I’ve got my eye on, both very clean cars but they are both on the low end of 300,000kms. The...
  2. SuperSafari

    Air Pressure for better fuel efficiency

    Hi All, I have a 2021 Y61 Patrol; the advised air pressure for each of my tires as printed on the driver's door are 29/32 psi for front/rear tires. This is my first off-roader/4x4 vehicle, so Im trying to understand how to get the best fuel efficiency from it. When looking at the front and...
  3. SuperSafari

    Washing of undercarriage - Patrol Y 61

    Any precautions to take when washing the undercarriage of my Patrol Y61 as well as in and around the inner wheel arches using a pressure washer? Ive been on quite an adventure this past weekend and there's a lot of dirt accumulated there... Cheers!
  4. SuperSafari

    2 hour Idling with Y61 Patrol Super Safari

    I was camping overnight in the desert and left my car on and idling for around 2 hours.. I don't do this frequently, but was interested to hear other members' opinion on the same. Technicians at the Nissan dealership told me its completely fine as the oil flow rate is the same in the car no...
  5. SuperSafari

    2021 Nissan Patrol Y61 Super Safari Steering System

    Does the Y61 2021 Super Safari come with a regular power steering system (with a pump... etc) or does it utilize electrical steering?
  6. SuperSafari

    Hit a curb

    Hi all, I believe its part of owning a car, but I just hit my first curb/sidewalk going at 40km/h (completely my fault, wasn't paying attention). It wasn't head on collision per se, but kind of like a scrape on both tires of the same side, resulting in a small jerk in the cabin. The car is...
  7. S

    First Car Help :)

    So, I know I'm going to get flamed for starting a new thread on this very common topic but I can't seem to find the exact and specific info I need. I'm looking to buy my first 4WD, leaning towards a GU patrol, and needed a little help regarding which model and what to look out for. I'm 22 and...
  8. Rizza’s GU Tb45

    GU Tb45

    Hi legends, iv just brought myself a gu tb45 its got 390,000kms on it its currently duelfuel lpg/petrol i know she’s gonna be thirsty but looking at setting it up to tour my question is what should i do keep it as a duelfuel or convert it to just petrol and how much would i be looking at to...
  9. D

    Which ute

    Hello everyone, Im really looking at getting a 4x4 for work and play and I really want a td42 ute but my friend has told me to steer clear of them because if something goes wrong it's tends to be expensive and had suggest to look at 1kd hilux's because they are cheap to repair. Should I listen...
  10. A

    Landcruiser Vs Patrol

    Looking to purchase a new 4WD, and deciding between an early 100 series cruiser and a GU from around the same year. Budget is $6k-$10k, and it needs to be an auto. Will probably end up with a petrol model due to budget. Would like to know what people think are the main differences, particularly...
  11. Rackers03

    thoughts on the 3 litre diesel GU Patrol

    Hi there, I've been looking around and seen quite a few 3.0 turbo diesel Gu patrol's in my price range (up to $6,000) and they look in decent shape. One I have found is a '01 with the five-speed manual and a few mods on it (decent 4wd tires, roof-rack, awning, high-lift jack) and 300k on the...