Td42 or 1Hd-t @ 300,000kms


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Hey guys, first time poster so not sure if I’m posting in the right thread. I’m looking at changing up cars, I’m currently on a 14 BT50 and looking to change to a Patrol or 80 series. I’ve got two that I’ve got my eye on, both very clean cars but they are both on the low end of 300,000kms. The patrol’s rocking a TD42ti in a coil cab and the 80’s got a 1HD-T. Just wanted to ask your guys opinion on what you would go for, as I’m looking for the more reliable out of the two and I’m hearing mixed things about both engines. If you guys could help clear it up for me I’d really appreciate it. Cheers


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At that age I’d be inspecting each engine on its merits more than listening to white noise about which is ‘best’ in general. They both have positives and negatives in their respective histories and both can cost a bomb when they let go. I assume they want a fair bit over market for them too.


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I have the 1hd-t in my 80 Series. Lovely engine. It HAS been rebuilt at some stage in the past and has 330,000kms on the clock. I have no idea how much since the rebuild. More than 60k that I know of.

So it's probably still pretty fresh and is sweet as a nut to drive. It has a very mild tune (dyno'd at 500nm at the wheels), front mount intercooled, slightly larger turbo but it has plenty of stomp and the temp gauge never moves no matter what I do. It doesn't burn oil, 10l goes in and 10l goes out every 5k kms. I've had a catch can fitted but not sure I should've even bothered. After 5k kms there is barely any oil in there at all.

I've never owned a TD42 but they're much loved by those who have. From what I've read over the years they do have a tendency to overheat sometimes.

Either way, as Cam said, condition is everything. 300,000kms is not huge for a well looked after, old oiler. I'd be wary of anything that's been running big boost numbers, like 20psi+.


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I had the TD42 for 10yrs but if the cruiser is in good condition I would choose it first because patrols are more prone to end up with the engine running hot. There quite often ok if you get the radiator flushed regularly and leave them stock standard. But usually if you start adding extras bull bar, bigger tyres roof roof top tent etc they may end up running hotter than they should and even worse in summer not saying it happens to all of them though. There's a big write up about them on the patrol forum with the issues people have encountered myself included. I've never done an oil change on an 80 series but the patrol has 2 oil filters difficult to access and are above the starter motor so when changing oil it runs onto it so you need to pack it with rags. But premature failure is not uncommon and they usually have some old oil residue in them.
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take them for a drive and see what one feels best to you, the 80 has the better motor, the nissan supposedy stronger diffs, although I have not blown a diff yet in my modified FT, maybe when they are fitted with lockers they are stronger