2 hour Idling with Y61 Patrol Super Safari


I was camping overnight in the desert and left my car on and idling for around 2 hours.. I don't do this frequently, but was interested to hear other members' opinion on the same.

Technicians at the Nissan dealership told me its completely fine as the oil flow rate is the same in the car no matter the rpm of the engine, so there will be no damage done to the cylinders... friends have told me its not advisable.

What do you think? Cheers in advance.


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If you were driving a big diesel engine I would say don't do it. But a small capacity petrol motor not that big a problem.


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Other than the waste of fuel, extra pollution in the atmosphere and toxic fumes around the campsite it won't hurt a petrol if done occasionally, personally I would be more concerned about the 3 issues mentioned rather than it maybe needing an Italian tune after a long idle