Washing of undercarriage - Patrol Y 61


Any precautions to take when washing the undercarriage of my Patrol Y61 as well as in and around the inner wheel arches using a pressure washer? Ive been on quite an adventure this past weekend and there's a lot of dirt accumulated there...



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Don't aim directly at seals. Like driveshaft seals and the wiper seals between the wheel hubs and axle housing (the ball shape area).

Fuel filter on my petrol is shielded, so it's fine. Good to check where yours is so you're not blasting any fuel line components/seals either.

Otherwise pretty sturdy under there. I tend to keep mine on a fan pattern when close to not risk damage.

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If worried about the chassis and enclosed spaces, pressure cleaners use is limited.
Use a good pressure hose pipe, with no nozzle etc, just get the Patrol up high one end, put hose in, turn on full and let it flush chassis / cross members etc out, let it run clear, turn around and flush the other way.
I used to do this mostly for sand, but works for dust / mud / clay ingress as well.


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The good old garden sprinkler does a good job of loosening any built up crud then get into it with the garden hose


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Washing the undercarriage of your Patrol Y61 is a great way to keep it clean and free of dirt and grime. However, it would help if you kept a few things in mind when washing your undercarriage. First, make sure that you are using a pressure washer that is designed for use on cars. Some pressure washers are too powerful and can damage the paint on your car. Second, be careful when washing around the inner wheel arches. The pressure from the washer can cause the wheel to come off if you're not careful. Finally, rinse the undercarriage thoroughly after washing it to remove any soap residue. These simple tips from https://sparklewash.com/woodlands/ will help pressure wash your undercarriage safely and effectively.
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However, it would help if you kept a few things in mind when washing your undercarriage.
Which are??

@SuperSafari, dont let the mud dry if possible otherwise it can set like concrete, so whatever you do try & do it the day you get home or even on the way home from the trip. Hopefully on the way home it rains so by the time you get home the jobs done for you.

The biggest problem area for me is in the joins or the wheel arch & the body panels.