first 4wd

  1. Jetts lux

    new here and my rig

    Gday all. jus joined here after reading many articles before hand. also i bought my first car not long ago, bought this 2008 n70. i bought it very well set up already with dual battery, custom canopy with 12v system in it. 32'' at tyres that are in need to be replaced for some 34's i have lined...
  2. C

    First 4x4 assistance

    Hi Everyone, I am a new member of the forum and I want to buy a 4x4. I have a budget of $17K and want to use it to take my partner and my dog Camping. I want to put a pop up tent at the top. This car will be my daily drive. It would roughly be taken camping once a week, the rest would be short...
  3. Rackers03

    What a RG Colorado needs for touring/4 wheeling

    G'day everyone, Looking to start setting my dual cab 2014 Collie up to do some touring and a bit of 4 wheeling, and just wanted to see who else has one they've set up and what mods you recommend first specifically for the RG collies. Currently only has a ARB bar on it so nothing flash yet...
  4. Rackers03

    Converting a Carby 60 series to EFI?

    G'day guys, It's getting close to me getting my P plates (less than 2 months) and I'm hoping to have something before then. My budget is up to $7k for a car and then a few grand more for mods. I've seen a fair few 60 series' with the 2F carby in them and was wondering what were the thoughts on...
  5. Rackers03

    auto box in a petrol 80 series?

    Just wondering what people's opinions are, I would like a cruiser as a first rig, preferably turbo diesel and manual, but with my budget (under $10k in South Australia), I can't seem to find any. Do see quite a few petty ones, but not many are manuals, mostly autos. Just wondering what peoples...
  6. Rackers03

    2nd gen 4runner and ln106 parts interchangeable?

    Hi all, I'm getting a 2nd gen 4Runner off a mate for a first rig, and am searching around for add-ons to put on it so I can take it offroad. Struggling to find things like bullbars and snorkels specifically for the 2nd gen 4Runner is Australia so I was wondering if add-ons for the Ln106 Hilux...
  7. Jommy

    1989 Toyota Hilux SR5 Restoration build (first 4wd)

    Hey everyone, Thought id do a post on my first 4x4. Just bought this 2 months ago. I knew it had a lot of hidden rust, ended up being way more then originally thought. The engine has been looked after and it seemed like bit of a rare find. Thats what made me pull the trigger. Auto locking hubs...
  8. Rackers03

    Can you mount a winch on a non-winch bullbar?

    Hi all, Just wondering if you can do this or not? I'm looking at a few cars and they come with bullbars, but doesn't say they are winch bars (and can't see mounts). Just wanted to see what people think and what I have to do. Thanks, Hugh
  9. Rackers03

    What would be a good first 4WD for less than $6k?

    Hi all, Since I get my P's later on this year, it's coming up to buying my own set of wheels. I've got roughly $6k all up and was wondering what everyones thoughts were. I probably can't have something little. (Sierra or Jimny) considering I'm only 16 and stand at 185cm and weigh in at 113kg...
  10. Rackers03

    60 series as first 4WD?

    Hi all, got my L's and am slowly getting closer to my p's, which means more freedom! I'm hoping to hit the tracks with my mates eventually and am looking around for my first 4wd. Currently got my eyes on a mint '89 60 Series GXL. bulletproof 2H, 5-speed box, 2 inch lift, dual battery, light bar...
  11. Rackers03

    Thoughts on a V6 2nd Gen 4Runner

    Hi all, Been looking to get a 4runner, wanting a diesel but can't really find any good in my price range ($6000) so looking at the v6's now. Found a mint (perfect interior, no rust, no dents) '92 model with the 3.0 V6 (making roughly 140hp) and a five-speed manual, but it has just over 350,000...
  12. ajengineer

    First 4WD - What are some good options?

    G'day all, Bit of a newbie question here, and one that I'm sure has been asked to death, but I'm kinda stuck. I've been wanting to get into 4x4ing for a while now and have gotten to the point where I'm actively looking for a vehicle to buy. A bit of a background: I'm a uni student looking for...