1. 868_Hilux

    Toyota Shock-Options

    Hey all, I have a 2005 Toyota Hilux LN166, Torsion bar front end and leaf rear. I have a winch and a bull bar upfront. It’s come that time where I need new shocks, my options are OME or Dobinson. Has anyone had any experience with either or has any input on which would be better, the supplier...
  2. M

    Dual battery cost

    Hi I have a new hilux on order and looking to have a few extras installed through the dealer. He has quoted me about $2230 for the ARB battery kit to be installed, including two batteries and dual plugs for a fridge mounted in the tub (I assume he is including the main battery with this. Not...
  3. L

    More help needed - accessories

    Hi all, Thanks to help from previous posts I've settled on the GJR120R (petrol 120 prado) with the 5sp auto, keen on (in the next few months) getting car hunting. Between now and then I'm keen on getting opinion on aftermarket kit that I'll be putting on, all listed below Bullbar Arb Deluxe -...
  4. D

    NW Pajero Roof Rack

    Hello All, First time post for me here. I am in the market for a Roof Rack for my NW Pajero. I have been looking at the OCAM full length Alloy rack but have recently been told to stay away. Also been looking at the Rhino Rack Platform racks and Pioneer racks, Everyone seems to be using these...
  5. M

    Rugged X Front bar swap

    Hi all, has anyone on here changed over to an aftermarket bullbar on there rugged x, if so can anyone advise me on what’s involved. Find it pretty useless that Toyota designed a car for “off-roading” but you can’t even mount things like antenna, spotlights etc. I’m thinking about going for the...
  6. 92Cruiser

    Winch rope fouls on winch support bar

    Recently installed a Domin8r X winch into my 80 series on a winch cradle I fab'd up to sit behind my ARB Non-Winch bar. As the cradle bolts to the bottom of the chassis the winch sits quite low compared to the front of the bar so I have flipped the winch around so it pulls from the top, but...
  7. P

    ARB Sprint Canopy Install

    Howdy, I've gotten my hands on a 2nd hand ARB Sprint Canopy for my N70 Hilux (I know: personal taste, etc, etc, etc). ARB want to charge $300 to install it. I'm wondering if anyone: - Has ever done their own Sprint Canopy install? - Knows how to do it? - Wants to do another one? OR - Knows a...
  8. J

    Px Ranger Arb Bull bar, brush bars, side steps and rear bar.

    Arb Deluxe Bull bar, side steps, brush bars and rear bar to suit a Ford px Ranger from 2011 on. The bull bar is in good condition with a few scratches The rear bar and side steps and brush bars have freshly been sand blasted and power coated. I purchased the lot recently as I was told they would...
  9. stelios_m

    ARB Awning issue

    Dear friends, I recently bought an arb awning and after a couple of uses I got several see through spots. I realised that those spots appeared when I rolled the awning at the area of the blue strip connecting the two fabrics. They have put a glue there that I believe burned the upper side of the...
  10. Jimmeh4ranger

    Arb air locker - pk ranger

    Hi all of you out there, I’m having a think about putting a rear locker in my pk ranger as the LSD lets me down. My question for those whom have them is where do you have the onboard compressor stashed? That and what may people have done for a dual battery set up? Thanks in advance :) Picture...
  11. HiluxingAlong

    Help... Lost in the world of diff locks!

    Ok, as a relitivrel new 4x4er I'm drowning in a world of opions with diff locks. I have a '96 Dual Cab Hilux and I'm on a budget and looking for the most cost effective gains... Front or rear? Air or mechanical or electrical actuation Auto locker or manual? Helllllllppppp