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I have a new hilux on order and looking to have a few extras installed through the dealer.

He has quoted me about $2230 for the ARB battery kit to be installed, including two batteries and dual plugs for a fridge mounted in the tub (I assume he is including the main battery with this. Not sure why it would include two extra batteries?)

I’ve looked up the ARB prices, and the quote is about $230 more than ARB states but I think that extra would go to running fridge plugs to the tub. (Just a note, the dealer has been spot on with quoting other prices almost identical to the arb price list, I expected him to jack them up to take advantage but he seams legit)

Anyway, obviously it will depend a lot on the type of battery included, which I’m unsure about, but does this seam like a reasonable price compared to other brands? I’ve done alot of searching but have seen prices ranging from $500 to around the $1200 (plus battery and install), and any info/threads I can find are from about 10 years ago (and pre covid price hikes). Not gunna lie, most of this electrical stuff is way over my head so it won’t be a DIY project…

(Also I’m not set on ARB. Just looking at them as that is who the dealer is working with. Willing to look at other brands but I would have to organise to have them installed after I pick it up, which isnt as I live remotely)

Thanks for any input


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If you like paying arb`s over the top prices, go for it.

There are plenty of other batteries out there, check with your local auto elect he should be able to do something a lot better than that.

For that sort of money I would be expecting Lithium batteries.

My second battery setup cost me about $700, Optima deep cycle and a simple isolator/charging relay, battery mount and a projecta dual monitor.

If you don`t mind spending that coin, go lithium.

P.S. Pre covid prices,


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Very hard to say if you don’t know what battery and gear you get in the price and also where you live will make a huge difference to the price as well. My son pays nearly double what I pay for things because he is on the west coast in a mining area


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Ask the dealer if they can get quotes from other suppliers. The $230 would just be their cut which isn’t too bad since they have to drop it off and pick it up. The hidden lithium dual battery system from arb is around $5k for a hilux. I am assuming you are getting under bonnet agm and the front mounted redarc with a fused feed to the tray. It sounds about right for the current market to pay a retail shop to do it. Around that money will buy a hidden (behind rear seat) lithium setup from the likes of Bainbridge if you can get it organised. Less weight, more grunt.


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Thanks everyone for your advice! Looks like ARB are not the go, so I’ll do some research, shop around and find a better option!

thanks again, appreciate it