Px Ranger Arb Bull bar, brush bars, side steps and rear bar.


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Arb Deluxe Bull bar, side steps, brush bars and rear bar to suit a Ford px Ranger from 2011 on.
The bull bar is in good condition with a few scratches
The rear bar and side steps and brush bars have freshly been sand blasted and power coated.
I purchased the lot recently as I was told they would fit my Bt50 but after spending the money to have them powder coated ready for installation I found out they are for a Ranger and will not fit my Mazda.

The powder coating I selected is Uv and salt durable, so it will not fade in time.


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Thats strange I have exactly the same ARB bar on my BT50.
Fits the 2011 on Ranger as well , as would the rear bar.
Cheers Rick


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Really, I know the rear bar fits, but not sure about the front bar. Did you install it yourself? Can you confirm the model number? I would love it to fit but don’t want to stay trying to install it unless I know for sure it will fit. any help you can offer I would really appreciate.


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Hi Mate,
It will fit , its a Deluxe bull Bar
Look it up on the web for fitment and or part numbers
Easier to ring ARB direct and get them to confirm.
I do have a catalogue somewhere with the part numbers in it.
And no I didn't fit it myself , Ive got enough stress in my life lol.
Cheers Rick




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Thanks Rick, your truck looks good. ARB was the one who told it wouldn’t fit. That’s what have given me doubts. The model number to the one I have is 3440400


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Had no luck finding the list so far , sorry, it was a 2013 one and am positive the part # were the same at the time.
The current ARB Catalouge shows it as #3440420.

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 11.00.04 am.png

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 10.59.22 am.png

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 10.55.52 am.png

I have to go to Bendigo next week to get shopping , will drop into ARB and ask the guy I know there about it.
He's pretty good and won't tell me bull dust.

Cheers Rick


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No worries mate , I will see what I can do ,
Really though if you think about it , no one these days in retail with give you a POSITIVE that will fit answer.
Just to cover their arse.
They want to sell you a new one and trust me they will not waste their time on people that bought stuff second hand somewhere else for help.