1. 4Runner4Freedom

    New Member, New Build Thread

    I'm a little nervous after hearing another member lost their 38-page build thread on this forum. Fingers crossed, safety squints on... I'm Whiskey and here is my baby: At least that's how she looked before sitting for 4 years in New Orleans. I started teaching high school and all of my free...
  2. J

    Engine Swap 4y - recommendations

    Gday Guys, Chasing recommendations for a motor swap into a 1989 Toyota 4runner. Seeking something with decent reliability and not an eye watering conversion cost. Looking to keep the auto Trans where possible. Any advice is appreciated. Cheers Josh
  3. Keith Yerex

    4th Gen Surf

    Hello fellow 4x4ers in Aus. I'm seeking advise on possibly purchasing a 2005 JDM Surf. As I am in British Columbia there are very few here with the 2.7 liter 2TR-FE engine. My last 4x was a 2002 Prado with the 3RZ-FE which was very under powered. There is talk of this engine in the Surf and the...
  4. Rackers03

    2nd gen 4runner and ln106 parts interchangeable?

    Hi all, I'm getting a 2nd gen 4Runner off a mate for a first rig, and am searching around for add-ons to put on it so I can take it offroad. Struggling to find things like bullbars and snorkels specifically for the 2nd gen 4Runner is Australia so I was wondering if add-ons for the Ln106 Hilux...
  5. T

    1hz swap into 1991 toyota 4runner

    i have an 1991 4runner which i want to swap a 1hz into it but i have no clue what im doind .. i want to know if its been done before , if the motor will even fit and if it does what will i have to do to make it work as best as it can
  6. Rackers03

    Thoughts on a V6 2nd Gen 4Runner

    Hi all, Been looking to get a 4runner, wanting a diesel but can't really find any good in my price range ($6000) so looking at the v6's now. Found a mint (perfect interior, no rust, no dents) '92 model with the 3.0 V6 (making roughly 140hp) and a five-speed manual, but it has just over 350,000...
  7. HiluxingAlong

    Hilux LN106 / LN167 Gang Rocker Switch Installation Location

    Wondering if anyone has installed a gang Rocker switch in a Hilux LN106 or 167 and where they did... Decodedto buy this really nice gang switch from eBay to tidy up the dash and give me some USB power but struggling to find a space to install it... Also I don't have an overhead console...