4th Gen Surf

Keith Yerex

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Hello fellow 4x4ers in Aus.
I'm seeking advise on possibly purchasing a 2005 JDM Surf. As I am in British Columbia there are very few here with the 2.7 liter 2TR-FE engine. My last 4x was a 2002 Prado with the 3RZ-FE which was very under powered. There is talk of this engine in the Surf and the 120 Series Prado lacking HP as well online.
From my experience this chassis/engine combo would be fine for wheeling but I pull a small utility trailer (900KG max) on trips camping so wonder how it would handle that load. Trying to stay away from the V6, KD and V8 in this truck.
Thank you ahead of time for any thoughts on this.
Cheers.. Keith

red hilux

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I wouldn’t do it.
We don’t have many of those here. So parts not freely available.
We don’t get the v8 here. Only in the 1kz