1hz swap into 1991 toyota 4runner


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i have an 1991 4runner which i want to swap a 1hz into it but i have no clue what im doind .. i want to know if its been done before , if the motor will even fit and if it does what will i have to do to make it work as best as it can

lars cordes

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oh you'll get up that hill alright ... eventually. all jokes aside, no probs doing its stuff in low range, just gutless on the bitumen & towing my boat (start dropping gears & get that speed up as soon as u see that hill looming)


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You are only going to fit a short engine in that space, that means a v6 or a 4 pot., There are lots of custom parts around to fit a commodore v6 in , which will give you power, cheap parts, and easy engineering. Or if you want to stay diesel, maybe an Isuzu light truck engine could be an alternative, but as with any conversion, you have to do the homework, research and most likely all the hard work, unless a kit has already been made for the engine you want to use. Its a LOT of work to do it yourself, and a LOT of money to pay someone else to do it for you.


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Anything will fit with a big enough hammer and cheque book :)
You're gonna need big ones to squeeze a 1hz in there though. It's a much bigger straight 6 than my 7m and I have less than 10mm engine to firewall, same for engine to radiator.
1hz is pretty tall too, you might need several inches of lift to keep the diff away from the sump at full suspension compression.
Rear mounted radiator for sure and probably firewall mods too so say goodbye to heating and AC.

How big's ya hammer??


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Come on guys, where's your sense of adventure :rolleyes:

You can make anything fit into anything these days, your only restricted by how deep your pockets are :p

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Sorry, I think I have been self isolated to long...……………………………...o_O:D


Been done with a 1HDFTE, not mine, saw on a forum years ago, was a massive job as the engine is so long/heavy, requires radiator to be relocated into the back.


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Anything will fit with enough time and money but like everyone else has said why would you want to put a 1HZ of all things in? there is a huge amount of off the shelf conversions out there for a 4Runner. But if you have the time and money a 1VD would be a cool swap!