What tent do you use?


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Just putting up photos of my tent. My original post is on page 2. Kmart tent, $150..

Very happy with it so far. Guess i'll see how it pulls up after O'Tooles..........


We went out today and Kmart didn't have their tents on special, so they were a bit expensive. We ended up buying a Silver Grande 6 person tent. Never heard of the brand, but it looked pretty good and was on special at Ray's Outdoors today. Probably a bit too big for us but with the little 'ums, we will need some elbow room :)

The big test will be O'Tooles.



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You can never have to bigger tent - except if you are Frosty and need a building application in before you can errect it :D:D:D

We have a 6 man for just the two of us. You can stand up in it get changed etc. Anything smaller I think would be too small.

The next big test for you will be fitting all the gear, bride, kids, food etc in the Patroit. :eek:


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coleman 6mAN dome tent and a baby one for the bags and missus clothes etc.
dont spend enough time insid to need anything flash of big !!! camping is for getting outdoors not in :)
and id sleep on the back of th etruck if the missus let me

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Roof top ten

I have a Hannibal roof top tent. 5 min to set up & pack away. Comfortable as (Even the missus likes it) No problems in the rain and it extends over the back of the Patrol so it acts like an awning providing good dry access in the wet.

Cool in summer as it picks up more of the breeze fully opened ( Fly wire closed of course. LOL). I have just done 7000kms with the missus on remote tracks and I was very pleased with it.



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I use two tents for different trips, one a tourer that is about 9'x13', the other a little dome
jobbie(have two of). Thinking of selling the big tent as doesn't get used that much, but is a
Southern Cross, (best canvas tents ever-my opinion), so will probably last another 20 years!
May have to take a look at a speedy tent in the flesh tho'.


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Had been using an Oztrail 4v Dome, but just upgraded to an Oztrail 6v Dome ( which I havn't had a chance to use yet:()


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Yeah mate
I reckon the rv Oz tent the way to go, up in 30 seconds just wack in the pegs and throw up the awning.
Toooo easy, I have the rv 2 and apart from just fitting in the roof rack of the 80 series they go up real quick.
But it's usually the missus me and the dog and no kiddies.
If I'm by myself I just take the swag.

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I have a southern cross canvas tent which I use a bit but have recently finished my camper build and will now use that the majority of the time as there is no setup time or take down time.


Camper, not quite done in these pics, it now has checker plate on the front and sides to cover the frame and where the walls join the floor.






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Got a Black Wolf Turbo 300, set up in 30 sec and pack down in sixty. Can stand up in it, has room for queen bed, tv and everything else you shouldn't take camping.

Best $1100 ever spent.


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That camper is awsome Steve!!! The only prob with us is the three young ones. I spose if I build one I could always chuck a quicky tent in for the kids.
What size mattress have you got in it?
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That camper is awsome Steve!!! The only prob with us is the three young ones. I spose if I build one I could always chuck a quicky tent in for the kids.
What size mattress have you got in it?

The mattress is a queen at the shoulders but narrows down a little at the wheel wells, I find it's not a problem as I don't need the width at the knees just above the waist for arms and shoulders. I also have three kids. A light simple dome tent is the way to go, few minutes to out up and easily stored in the camper when traveling.



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We have a 14ft poptop caravan, a 12 man spinifex dome and a two man dome which I use for boys weekends, cleaning out the shed last weekend I found another 2 man dome that Im not sure where I got? Stuff just seems to accumulate at my place, its all cheap stuff but its still stuff.:D


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Going to try out my new oztent over Christmas, just changing from a camper back to a tent, Have had a practice and all loooks easy enough.

All I need now is a tradesman roof rack

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Hey Wally,
Looking at a 2.4 two room Black Wolf. Saw it at Boots and fell in love with it. Thought it was a brilliant idea, just saving the beer bottles (yes we get refunds on our) to buy...