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What tent do you use?

Discussion in 'Tents' started by InSanE, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Ekki Adventurers

    Ekki Adventurers 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Been looking at these, thought they looked good..
  2. theogs

    theogs New Member

    we have just started looking at the 4wd camping trailers, been checking them out at the last 4wd show and on the net... any advise guys some of them look unreal there is a company at regents park in sydney that makes them anyone got any feedback on theirs cant remember the company name...
    we need one for 2 adults and 2 kids, at the moment they are toddlers but long term we prob need space for atleast the 2 of them and the grandparents or cousins.. who seem to already want to tag along...
  3. wally

    wally New Member

    black wolf tent

    When you purchase a blackwolf do youself a favour and buy a set of sand pegs, we used ours at Loveday in the sand, with normal pegs and it blew over in the wind!
  4. Knackers

    Knackers Active Member

    G'day Pradotrev. I had oztent for about 5 years, pretty happy with it. Down size is that it is long to pack.

  5. Ekki Adventurers

    Ekki Adventurers 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Thanks Wally, we'll remember that.
  6. joekar

    joekar Active Member

    We have a Southern Cross tourer tent.

    Easy to erect (lay it out, peg it down climb inside and push up the centre pole.

    Works well and gives us lots of headroom, but there are some downsides:

    1) The centre pole gets in the way.
    2) The sloping wall design means that the windows must be zippered shut if it is raining.
    3) The awning is useless and lets water drip into the tent in rain if the door flap isn't properly zippered shut.
  7. Croozer

    Croozer Well-Known Member

    The true blue ones caught my eye last week.
  8. grit

    grit New Member

    Home - GIC campers providing camper trailer tents at quality & competitive prices
  9. ray dar

    ray dar New Member

    We have a camper trailer for the longer stays, for the quick trips we have a Black Wolf "Tanami 6". It's the first tent we've owned that packs up the same size each time and fits back easily into the bag.
  10. theogs

    theogs New Member

    after spending a week camping in a cheapo big w tent which over a period of 7 nights saw the poles snap in 7 different spots, and the tent leak on the occassions of rain, we brought ourselves today a NEW oztrail seaview9+3 got a massive $ 150 off the price by being members of BCF... will let you know how it goes once we use it but after reading the comments on here about the quailty of this brand we are hopeful we will have a quaility tent for many years to come...
  11. kyleb

    kyleb New Member

    I have an OzTent RV2 which I purchased from a friend who had only used it twice. On my first trip, it was great on the first night, quick and easy to setup in the dark. On the second night we were at Mungo NP and it was bucketing down, still it was quick and easy to setup however it was leaking in one spot right above my head. Due to the amount of rain that we were getting, a pool of water formed where the zip and flap are at the front on the roof (where the fly attaches) and the water worked its way in over time. Saying that, the rest of the tent kept the water out and I dont believe the tent had ever seen any water before. I recently purchased the fly for it, so that on the hot days it will be a bit cooler in the tent and if we ever are out camping in torrential rain it should stay nice and dry inside.
    I am very pleased with the quality and finish of my OzTent.
  12. millhouse

    millhouse New Member

    BLack Wolf turbo 210, I've had it for about 4 years!!
    Highly recommend anything by black wolf, it's been through hell and back and still going strong!!
  13. bravo69

    bravo69 New Member

    Pete my name is Ian
  14. bravo69

    bravo69 New Member

    my name is Ian
    I have been toying with getting one of these tents i have tried to look at the ARB simpson 3 at our arb dealer here in Ballarat. i was thinking of puting it on top of the bravo but i have a trailer with a stock cage on it this might be the better way for me to go as you have said that you don't have pull down the tent down when you want to leave the tent set up in a caravan park. this would suite my family better as our kids are getting a lot older now.
  15. Strewth2002

    Strewth2002 New Member

    Which Tent

    Has anyone had the luxury of using either the black wolf Turbo 300 tent and the oz tent? Black Wolf's are cheaper, all Im concerned about is durabilty. Oz Tents are a bit over priced for my liking.
  16. wally

    wally New Member

    Blackwolf tent


    My wife & I have had our Turbo 300 for about 18 months and love it. Easy to erect & dismantle, fits back in the bag. I ould recommend a set of sand pegs as ours blew over in at Loveday when pegged into sand. Replaced them with sand pegs and not a problem since. A mate of mine has an Oz tent but I found it a bit small & basic.
    Do not go for the "Turbo Lite" as the material is very thin & plasticky.
    Go for the Blackwolf, you won't be disappointed.

  17. jomar

    jomar New Member

    OZ tent RV2 and centre pole tent both supper quick to set up. The OZ tent length stowed can be an issue at times.
  18. GlennTroopy

    GlennTroopy New Member

    Re Tent


    I have a 13x10 southern cross "Bushmaster" trekker deluxe a bloody great tent
    fast to put up about 3 mins had it up in a howling gail ,snow ,rain ,hail never leaked once

  19. Wanderer

    Wanderer New Member

    Have a Safari 2 from Rays Outdoor, centre pole approx 3m x 3m, weighs about 18kgs & best of all, packs up in a bag about 1m x 1m. Just the ticket for me!
  20. Wanderer

    Wanderer New Member


    Have a Safari 2 from Rays Outdoor, centre pole approx 3m x 3m, weighs about 18kgs & best of all, packs up in a bag about 1m x 1m. Just the ticket for me!

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