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What tent do you use?

Discussion in 'Tents' started by InSanE, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. fastboy08

    fastboy08 New Member

    Black wolf turbo tent

    Hi guys, I'm a virgin to this site so go easy on me!! I have double breezway tent made by Halls canvas at Hackham South Australia which has extra zip on sections to add awnings etc. This is great but only if you are staying a few days. A friend has 2 Oz tents, a 2 and 5 and he loves them. I got a good deal on the turbo compact at Anaconda a while ago. This is great for my wife and I especially if you are only camped for the night. I'm 5'8'' and the good lady is 5'2'' so we can stand in it and dress etc. Anyone taller would require a 240+. The compact is still canvas and it is so quick and easy to put up and yes you don't have to be an Asian sweat shop worker to get it into the bag. So I'm rapt.. Cheers
  2. thetroll

    thetroll New Member

    dhl outback 8 three room dome tent sleeps up to 12 about 30mins up similar down time packs into medium size bag weighs about 40kgs gr8 4 long stays i use a 30 second tent when on 4b events by myself
  3. Strewth2002

    Strewth2002 New Member


    thank you Wally I think you have just convinced me to buy the turbo 300, I will start saving up those pennies and make the purchase soon. Thanks again for your feedback

  4. Strewth2002

    Strewth2002 New Member


    We do currently use a Coleman Manitou 3 man tent. Great little tent, but it is getting harder to crouch down and crawl in. Hence the reason to now upgrade and look at getting the blackwolf turbo tent

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  5. BnB

    BnB New Member

    Black Wolf Mohave

    We have a black Wolf Mohave 6 manner and that thing is practically bullet proof. I love it. Take me and the loves and kisses 15min to set up and once done its done. No fiddling around or re doing guy ropes...etc etc...

    We sat through a storm that drop 30 mill in bugger all, dry as a nuns-a-nasty..... and we had water lapping the bottom and still remained dry. Was the only tent in the area that didnt get blown in or washed away.

    I can only recommend this brand!

  6. Bainsy

    Bainsy 4x4 Earth Contributer

    i own a Black wolf turbo 300 which i am very satisfied with. Had it up in raging storms but it stayed upright and we stayed nice and dry. I also own a wild river swag which i use when the girlfriend stays home
  7. natesluxi

    natesluxi New Member

    OZTRAIL for me I love it 1 pole and its up (centre pole or a spreader so you can fit a double bed in. ) its heavy canvas, durable and goes great in the wet weather to.

    Its a great weekender tent as it only takes 5 minutes to fully set it up:cool:

    costs around $300 from memory
  8. Croozer

    Croozer Well-Known Member

    Just got a epe instant tent for our Toomdon trip and it is awsome. Sets up in seconds is a threeman and takes a double air mattress easy. Great when we want a quick stay. Will post pics soon.
  9. millsy

    millsy 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I'm still using my lovely old canvas tent I picked up at trash and treasure 20 years ago. It was quite old then, and the guy wanted $20 for it. At the end of the day it was still there and he offered it to me for $10. It takes ages to put together. All these poles with rusty old springs joining them together. You build the frame up and then you have to lug the canvas tent over the top of it. Impossible in a big wind!

    No inbuilt ground sheet. But that is an advantage, because on a warm night, or day, I can lift the walls up six inches and let the breeze through! The door zip jammed up 8 years ago, but I glued some velcro strips around and they do the job, sort of. And the grandson tried climbing through the window when there was a small tear in the bottom. Now its torn right across! But have not had to do battle with the mozzies as yet.

    But its hard to part with. Looks good when I have finally built it, and love the smell of real canvas. I think its a French tent from memory! Blue and orange panels.

    But the tent is pretty new compared to the caravan I am 'restoring'. Its a bondwood and about 50 - 60 years old. I have had it for about 30 years. Very boxy, iron lattice work in the front corners. Big old British wheels with light truck tyres. And a good mechanical braking system. Have had to rebuild three corners over the years as the frame and cladding have rotted out. But easy to work on.
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  10. browndog

    browndog New Member

    love the GQ mate


    Spinifex Tanami 6... 2 rooms and a big space for a lot of stuff in the middle... good and cheap tent ...
  12. Adventure guy

    Adventure guy New Member

    I try to support the local camping stores, not the large international corporate supermarket chains.
  13. tanamite

    tanamite New Member

    a mate just bought one of those 3 second tents - looks impressive as an alternative to a swag, but we'll report back after our upcoming simpson trip.
  14. Davidman

    Davidman 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Just bought a Spinifex ( Anaconda Brand ) Albany 9 tent. Very similar to the OzTrail Peninsula in the pics above, but without the screen room on the front, still three seperate rooms though, and from the first setup in the back yard to make sure it was all there, only took about 20 minutes. Folds down to just over 20 Kgs and fitted nicely bag in the suitcase type bag ( with handle and wheels ) that it came in. Will post some pics after breaking it in over Easter.
  15. Davidman

    Davidman 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Spinifex ( Anaconda ) Albany 9 Tent.

    Took this one away at Easter to Haunted Stream. Great tent and not overly expensive, just over $300.00. Plenty of room inside it's 3 rooms and plenty of height so I don't have to bend. ( I am over 6 foot ).

    Got rain and wind and everything stayed where it should and dry. Also sets up and folds up easily into it's own little carry case on wheels. About 20 Kg. Great tent.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2010
  16. larcher

    larcher New Member

    I use a Shippshape rooftop tent. It is really comfortable and safe, the downside is that you have to pack the tent if you want to use the vehicle. I am planning to buy a trailer to use with the same tent, so I can leave the tent open and drive around.
  17. Adventure guy

    Adventure guy New Member

    We have this style of tent, great design with the three rooms.
  18. rodw

    rodw New Member

    Oztent RV4 for me.
    I just back the kitchen in
    and tuck the canopy tailgate under the awning
    I got to rebuild the storage rack as it was designed from my last rig, but it serves the purpose for now.
  19. knot_gillty

    knot_gillty Active Member

    Looks good mate. I hear the OZ Tent is a good tent. Are they worth the extra money though??
  20. rodw

    rodw New Member

    Yeh I know $1500 is a lot of tent. But a lot cheaper than a camper trailer and much quicker to set up. That's the angle I took.

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