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  1. Epic Drives WA

    Point Walter Reserve.

    Point Walter Reserve is located in Bicton on Honour Avenue. Perfect for paddle boarding, kiteboarding and fishing but due to it's size, natural beauty abundance of wildlife and facilities this place makes for the perfect location for many outdoor occasions. Here you will find BBQs, toilets, a...
  2. Epic Drives WA

    Wheeling, camping, fishing and everything in between!

    Since my last podcast we’ve had the annual 4WD and camping show here in Perth. I also managed to get away with a few crew down south for a long weekend of wheeling, camping, fishing, and everything in between! I’ve also been up north to Kalbarri with my family over Christmas. All that in more in...
  3. Epic Drives WA

    Is Kalbarri worth visiting?..........YES!

    Kalbarri, Western Australia's resort town at the mouth of the Murchison River and home to iconic locations and rugged scenery. With Christmas fast approaching and with the majority of travellers heading down south for the holidays we snuck out for a sneaky four day road trip north. First up...
  4. Epic Drives WA

    Cape to Cape 4x4

    Campsites worth checking out in the South West Conto campground: 34º 4' 43.46" S, 115º 1' 2.81" E Point Road Camping Area: 34º 5' 37.31" S, 115º 1' 16.86" E Boranup Camping Area: 34º 10' 45.39" S, 115º 4' 7.16" E Hamelin Bay Caravan Park: 34º 13' 20.86" S, 115º 1' 45.51" E With the weather...
  5. Epic Drives WA

    Holland Track 4x4 2020

    It's been 3 years since I first experienced the Holland Track. Accompanied by Matty and Will we drove the track in the reverse order, starting in Coolgardie and ending in Hyden, four days later. WA has some of the countries most iconic 4WD tracks and the Holland Track is definitely one of them...
  6. Epic Drives WA

    A 3 year journey four wheel driving in EPIC Western Australia!

    I am so lucky to be a West Aussie, I am so fortunate to have a back yard the size of Germany, France, Ecuador, Italy and Portugal combined! The best part for me is’s mostly off-road! That easily equates to an entire lifetime of exploration and im only 3 years into my journey. Despite already...
  7. Epic Drives WA

    Solo 4WD Camping in the Goldfields.

    Spring has definitely sprung! Not to mention the wild flowers that bloom this time of year all over Western Australia. I visited the Goldfields, 400kms East of Perth. Starting in Yellowdine and camping in the abandoned mining town of Mount Palmer I headed west visiting Frog Rock, Jilbadgie...
  8. Epic Drives WA

    ROTHSAY, off-roading in WA’s EPIC Mid West Region.

    It feels like it’s been forever since my last proper 4 wheeling adventure! With Covid restrictions lifted in W.A. we took the opportunity to escape the city and #wanderoutyonder on a 4x4 camping trip to the midwest region of Western Australia. Check out the full video here. Beginning our...
  9. Epic Drives WA

    Regional closures.

    WA regions are locking down tonight. Good luck everyone in: The South West, The Great Southern, Goldfields & Esperance, The Mid West, Gascoyne, Pilbara, The Kimberley and the Wheatbelt and all states in Australia and the rest of the world. From all of us in the Perth and Peel region. See you all...
  10. Epic Drives WA

    This is my WA

    Labour day long weekend, an annual public holiday that celebrates the eight-hour working day. The idea being that we are all entitled to 8 hours of recreation and eight hours of sleep. That's a day I'm happy to celebrate! This is how I did WA this long weekend, how did you do yours?
  11. Epic Drives WA

    Pete and Mitch from WA Camping Adventures!

    I was fortunate enough to spend the day with the legends over at WA Camping Adventures. These guys grew up camping and four wheel driving in Western Australia, so they've got more than a few good camping and adventure stories! Bloody good blokes and alway up for a laugh!
  12. Epic Drives WA

    Outback camping at Ninghan Station.

    If your looking for a unique 4WD experience in WA, put Ninghan Station on your list of adventures. This place truly is where the outback begins, rugged hills with wide open landscapes that provide the ultimate 4x4 adventure playground! I've been up this way before and this trip involved...
  13. Epic Drives WA

    4 Wheeling with Wild Touring (Part 1.)

    Finally a collaboration video! I caught up with old mate Cam from Wild Touring and headed out the back of Pinjarra for a day of 4 wheeling. Cam drives a modified D-MAX that puts my stock Hilux to shame! This guy was on a mission to tackle a technical hill climb that had defeated him on his last...
  14. Epic Drives WA

    A very wet and muddy 4WD trip featuring the story of fugitive bushranger Moondyne Joe.

    The life story of one of Western Australia's most infamous bushrangers Joseph Bolitho Johns AKA "Moondyne Joe." Join us as we tackle the 4WD tracks out in the Avon Valley, the place Moondyne called home and perfected his bushcraft. We follow Moondyne from his childhood in the UK to his death in...
  15. Epic Drives WA

    Australian 4WD & Adventure Show 2019

    All the latest products for four wheel driving, caravanning and camping, fishing and more – all in the one place! This is Australia’s biggest 4WD and Adventure Show. Featuring an all new stage organised and run by Ronny Dahl (4 Wheeling Australia) and aptly named the 4 wheeling Australia...
  16. Epic Drives WA

    Movember 4WD Camping Adventure & 1000 subs!!!!! Thank you

    This is my 55th video! If you haven't watched any of my other videos check them out, oh it's #Movember and to help celebrate this amazing organisation I'm hosting a charity 4WD/Camping trip. Following a 140 kilometre water course from Tenterden down to Owingup Swamp before ending up at the...
  17. Epic Drives WA

    #MOVEMBER: Kent River Charity 4X4

    Have fun doing good! I'm hosting a charity 4WD/Camping trip Following a 140 kilometre water course from Tenterden down to Owingup Swamp before ending up at the ocean at Irwin Inlet. This road trip is roughly 1000kms from Perth to Perth and highlights include: The town of Tenterden. Multiple...
  18. Epic Drives WA

    4 Wheel Adventure North of Ninghan in WA.

    Heading 400km North from Perth to Ninghan Station for an epic 3 day adventure. A 1000km journey to the remote Goldfields of Paynes Find. This place is remote, ancient and full of history.
  19. Epic Drives WA

    Bogged, beaten and bruised! Western Australia's Wandoo National Park.

    This 4WD trip was not easy... Sometimes the simplest things can be tough! A combination of issues made this day trip a three day expedition. I knew i could easily give up at any point but some things need finishing and this track was one of those "things." The crazy thing is, I've driven...
  20. Epic Drives WA

    Frankland River 4x4 Adventure.

    Starting in the agricultural town of Boyup Brook and following the Frankland River all the way to the ocean at Quarram Beach. It's a three day adventure through some of Western Australias south west.