1. K


    I have a 94 hilux just done the reverse gear in it. Was just wondering if it's cheaper to replace just the reverse gears or scrap that idea and just replace the whole gearbox? 1st to 5th work fine , and is it easy enough for anyone to to swap gears out?
  2. rudolfweyers84

    Mahindra Pikup S10 Karoo DC

    We had our Pikup for more than 2 years now, and enjoy every moment of it. We have done a couple of trip, and put the vehicle through its paces, and it performed really well Currently we are planning for a 22 day tour of of the north western parts of South Africa, where we will be doing mostly...
  3. H

    33'' tyres on 2008 hilux, will they fit?

    Hi guys, i am about to buy my first car, my old mans Toyota Hilux 2008 model in a dual cab. it has a 2 inch lift in it and has 31's on it currently but i want to put some 33's on it to have some better off road capabilities and a bit more lift in her. what i am wondering though is, will they fit...
  4. M

    4x4 light comes on in 2wd can YOU help?

    My 4x4 light flashes green in my 2008 ML Triton GLXR, when I turn the ignition on but not the engine, and after I start the engine the light keeps flashing. I Haven’t put in 4h or 4l since the issue started happening, so the it’s only been in 2h. Are there any common issues related to this that...
  5. X

    Gearbox noise

    Hi guys. I have a 2006 Nissan navara d22 ZD30 There is a unknown sound and I’ll describe it in 3/4/5 gears, when lightly on the throttle there is alike grinding sound, gets a lot worse going 80+ This doesn’t happen in 1/2 gears, and doesn’t happen when clutch is applied or in N I have put...
  6. TassieTourer

    Best Budget 4x4

    G'day all, I'm starting to accumulate a bit of money and was considering upgrading from my 2003 Mitsubishi Trtiton MK 2.8L Turbo Diesel. My budget is under $10,000 for sure, but i was wondering what vehicles i could purchase fairly cheap and modify (Over in Tasmania, there are stuff all parts...
  7. C

    Help with first 4x4 ute

    Hi, I am looking to buy a 4x4 ute as follows It will just be a weekend car, for camping, going to the beach, transporting 2 adults and 2 dogs and kayaks or bikes that kind of thing. Maybe a bit of offroading in the future but even then it will only be a couple of times a year so i don't need...
  8. Epic Drives WA

    Is Kalbarri worth visiting?..........YES!

    Kalbarri, Western Australia's resort town at the mouth of the Murchison River and home to iconic locations and rugged scenery. With Christmas fast approaching and with the majority of travellers heading down south for the holidays we snuck out for a sneaky four day road trip north. First up...
  9. Epic Drives WA

    Cape to Cape 4x4

    Campsites worth checking out in the South West Conto campground: 34º 4' 43.46" S, 115º 1' 2.81" E Point Road Camping Area: 34º 5' 37.31" S, 115º 1' 16.86" E Boranup Camping Area: 34º 10' 45.39" S, 115º 4' 7.16" E Hamelin Bay Caravan Park: 34º 13' 20.86" S, 115º 1' 45.51" E With the weather...
  10. j.goulds

    DMAX suspension lift kit

    Hey all hoping for some help finding the right suspension lift kit. wanting to finally lift my 2014 LSU Isuzu DMax with a 2” lift after fitting new tyres to it ( BFG all terrain 265/70/17) Hoping for some advice on possibly the best options for suspension upgrade out there and whether you’ve...
  11. Epic Drives WA

    A 3 year journey four wheel driving in EPIC Western Australia!

    I am so lucky to be a West Aussie, I am so fortunate to have a back yard the size of Germany, France, Ecuador, Italy and Portugal combined! The best part for me is’s mostly off-road! That easily equates to an entire lifetime of exploration and im only 3 years into my journey. Despite already...
  12. Epic Drives WA

    Solo 4WD Camping in the Goldfields.

    Spring has definitely sprung! Not to mention the wild flowers that bloom this time of year all over Western Australia. I visited the Goldfields, 400kms East of Perth. Starting in Yellowdine and camping in the abandoned mining town of Mount Palmer I headed west visiting Frog Rock, Jilbadgie...
  13. ItzPlugga28

    Looking for a 4X4 for under 15k!

    Hi, New to this group. Just looking for a 4X4 to use as a daily as well as going along trails. Was thinking of a duel cab so I can fit my MTB bikes in the back but open for suggestions. Any recommendations would be appreciated! Cheers!
  14. R

    Triton Ml 4M41Turbo Upgrade

    hey guys so recently bought a triton ml and wondering has anyone put a direct bolt on turbo replacment as i want more power.. Also after something that would make it sound like a vl... cheers
  15. I

    2011 VW Amarok

    I have recently purchased a 2011 Amarok with canopy front bullbar and heavy duty leaf springs. I noticed when taking off from a stand still if I release the clutch to quickly there is a clunk from the leaf spring movement as I think there is not enough load in tub. I have researched and...
  16. Epic Drives WA

    Jeep Gladiator or

    What do you guys think about the new Jeep Gladiator that is due for release in Australia mid way through the year? I’m a Toyota bloke myself but I gotta say I think this rig looks epic! Anyone planning on getting one?
  17. T

    Recommendation on next mods. Where to get installed/tuned etc South Australia

    Hello everyone, new owner of a 5 speed manual 05 3.2l NP Pajero 218k km I'm thinking of getting some work done in the near future but not sure where to go to get it done... Morpowa only does tune and fits exhaust, and willall don't do them at all now. Below is some of what I'm thinking...
  18. Epic Drives WA

    SUV Doorstep, what are your thoughts?

    9 months ago I received a product to review from a company I'd never heard of. Opening the package I discovered the "SUV Doorstep." It's designed to give better access to your roof/roof rack which is always handy. I must admit i was VERY, VERY worried at the design! It attaches to the door...
  19. Epic Drives WA

    Mundaring to Albany (MundAl) 4WD Track For Western Australia! + more.

    Just over a year ago I made a video discussing (amongst other things) the MundAl track. Here is the free downloadable link: FREE DOWNLOAD "The Track": https://wa4wda.com.au/the I'm yet to have driven the track, mainly due to feedback from others that it's mostly along well graded fire brake...
  20. Epic Drives WA

    What 4WD Tyre Do I Need?

    Fitting the correct tyres to your 4x4 is one of the most important touring decisions you’ll make. TYRE performance takes on a whole new meaning when it’s applied to off-road four-wheel drives. Grip on wet and dry roads is important, but it’s stuff like puncture resistance, off-road grip (in...