1. O

    Spotlight switch wiring gauge query

    Hi, Im changing out an ugly switch connected to my spotlights, replacing it with an OEM style push switch but I have one question regarding the wiring. The wiring coming from the new OEM style switch is much thinner than the wiring in the harness. Is this safe? I don’t want to burn down my car...
  2. C

    First 4x4 assistance

    Hi Everyone, I am a new member of the forum and I want to buy a 4x4. I have a budget of $17K and want to use it to take my partner and my dog Camping. I want to put a pop up tent at the top. This car will be my daily drive. It would roughly be taken camping once a week, the rest would be short...
  3. M

    Loose connector at back of sub tank on Prado 90 series

    Hi all, My 90 series (model vzj95r, engine 5vzfe) used to be dual LPG / petrol fuel. I have removed the LPG cylinder, and am looking at fitting back a main tank instead. I think I've figured pretty much everything out, but there's just one 8-pin connector which is hanging loose at the rear of...
  4. H

    Prado 120 offset

    Hi guys I’ve a 120 Prado gx (no factory flares). Will positive 20 offset sit flush with the guards when running 265/70r17 muddies on 17x8 rims. thanks
  5. L

    FJ cruiser - better than the standard prado?

    Hi all, sorry for so many posts, now that it's coming closer to vehicle decision time I can't stop looking in every direction! Some may remember previous posts discussing 120/150 prados, however I'm not as sold on the look of the 120 as I once was, and I'm struggling to find a 150 in my price...
  6. L

    Newbie Looking for advice (accessories + vehicle)

    G'day all First up, complete newbie with minimal 4x4 experience, hoping for that to change in the future! I'm keen to get myself a wagon within the next 9-12 months (gives me some time to put cash together) and would love to get opinions from those who've been around longer than I have. What...
  7. HammyPrado

    Side Steps/Rock Sliders to suit Prado Kakadu KDSS

    Hey all. I have a 2019 Prado Kakadu with KDSS, i am after side steps/rock sliders to suit the KDSS model, i have tried the big companies like ARB and TJM who would not install due to the KDSS lines running next to the chassis. I am wondering if anyone with a Kakadu has had any luck fitting side...
  8. HammyPrado

    GME XRS Connect

    I recently bought a GME XRS Connect for my 2019 Prado Kakadu, it was a pretty easy install, the unit itself is pretty small so i mounted that behind the glove box next to the Navigation Unit, ran the wire next to the battery through the firewall. The only issue i had was finding a RJ45...