Loose connector at back of sub tank on Prado 90 series


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Hi all,

My 90 series (model vzj95r, engine 5vzfe) used to be dual LPG / petrol fuel. I have removed the LPG cylinder, and am looking at fitting back a main tank instead. I think I've figured pretty much everything out, but there's just one 8-pin connector which is hanging loose at the rear of the sub tank which I'm confused about. It's not the main tank fuel pump connector (which connects to the top of the main tank - I've identified this one). it's not the sub tank fuel pump connector (since I've been running off the sub all this time). I had a look at a wiring diagram, but it wasn't helpful. Would anyone know what this connector is about?

Thanks in advance for your help!



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A lot of manufactures have a standard wiring harness they use.
You can find all sorts of empty plugs all over the place.
I know I`ve seen a dozen or more on my LC.
The higher up the options chain you go the more plugs get used for goodies.
It may that, but best check, try a auto electrical place they should be able to tell you.


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Tow bar loom? Try to get a wiring diagram somewhere you should be able to identify it with the colours alone.


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Just get a multi meter and see if any of the pins get or have power with lights, ignition, accessories or anything else that may need power down the back of the car, turn everything on and off to test.


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Hi all,

Thanks for your responses! After doing more research, I think toyasaurus might be right. I'm thinking it might be a provision to install a rear diff lock... (I don't think they are factory fitted on the 90 series). Anyone thinks it could make sense??

I attached a photo of the connector, which looks exactly like BP1 on the diagrams I attached. On the diagram though, BP1 looks like it's next to the rear diff cable, but connected to the ABS... I find these diagrams a bit confusing...



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