GME XRS Connect


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I recently bought a GME XRS Connect for my 2019 Prado Kakadu, it was a pretty easy install, the unit itself is pretty small so i mounted that behind the glove box next to the Navigation Unit, ran the wire next to the battery through the firewall. The only issue i had was finding a RJ45 passthrough connector for the UHF Handset that would suit the new small square blanks, i tried many 4wd stores and car electric stores where no one seemed to stock them, i managed to find some through Gear-Electric for $25.

Overall i would highly recommend the GME XRS Connect unit even though it is a bit pricy, but it has soo many cool and interesting featured, the unit it self is small which can be installed anywhere, the installation itself is easy which is pretty much plug and play.

RJ45 Connector link:

Refer to pictures below:





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Further to this, does anyone know of a good spot to mound the HandSet in the kakadu? currently it is stuck to the plastic side panel near the footwell and next to the centre console which is a bit too low?